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March 20, 2017  •  3 Comments

Today is the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere.  The beginning of spring.  Some of you are still dealing with mountains of snow while others are seeing a very toasty summer in their future.  Here on the mesa, much of the snow has disappeared, while grass is beginning to appear as are some very early wildflowers.  But I thought featuring spring's bounty with flowers, even if from another part of the world, would be appropriate.

Most of you know that when someone brings flowers to our mesa abode, I am thrilled for two reasons.  Their beauty, and the excuse to photograph that beauty and showcase it online.  So my thanks to Cristina and Ben for bringing a lovely batch of Alstroemeria (Peruvian lilies), in purple no less.  A gift like this challenges me to try to create images worthy of the flowers themselves.  I did three sessions with these in different locations and both morning and afternoon light.

Peruvian lily purple 2Peruvian lily purple 2


Peruvian lily purple 4Peruvian lily purple 4


Peruvian lily purple 1Peruvian lily purple 1


In this detail, you can see the stamens, loaded with pollen, which also dots the petal in the upper right hand corner.

Peruvian lily purple 3Peruvian lily purple 3


May today be a wonderful opening to spring for you!

until next Monday,


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How artful you present life. Extraordinairy
Steve Immel(non-registered)
It's a delight to more gifts of approaching spring. Your studies of these purple beauties are stellar. The pollen laden stamens are spectacular; especially the last one which shows how productive these lilies are.
As usual, you so wonderfully capture the spirited essence of your subject and remind us of the season's milestones. Ah yes, equinox. Saw the first buffalo ant of the season yesterday. Hummmmm...if so unseasonably warm for the equinox,. wonder what temps the solstice will bring? Can't wait for your blog post telling us of the hummers' arrival.
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