a touch of white

March 27, 2017  •  2 Comments

Not just a few times have I addressed the color white in this blog.  It fascinates me.  On the southwest corner of St. Francis and Cordova Road in Santa Fe, an explosion of white is happening right now on what are probably flowering fruit trees.  Huge puffs of white hang on every branch.  I don't know the variety of tree and don't have a clue who did the landscape design in front of the government buildings, but it is pure brilliance.  The angular structures are totally altered for a brief period in the spring by these amazing trees. Photographically, there is always the decision to made to include buildings, power lines, and passing cars in the images.  I chose to showcase the blossoms and branches rather than including the human-made elements.  Close up or at a distance, the flowers shout spring.

apple blossom white 2apple blossom white 2

apple blossom white 3apple blossom white 3


The yellow-green of new leaves match the tubes of the flowers and complement the white.

apple blossom white 1apple blossom white 1


With the wind blowing, I thought a toned black and white image would match the day.

apple blossom white 4apple blossom white 4

I hope you will be able to watch nature's spring show this week!

until next Monday,


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Ingrid Upton(non-registered)
You are it: the mistress of color. Love it!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Beauties all, Daryl. As always, you've mastered the light on these delicate blooms. The muted yellow-greens set off the white flowers masterfully. Thanks for including the toned black and white of the branches which seem laden with snow. Is that for me?
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