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April 02, 2017  •  4 Comments

Again, I ask your indulgence this spring season, as I follow my photographic obsession with flowers and food.  In this case, both subjects were birthday gifts that just happened to become photography subjects.  Regardless of where or when things enter my field of vision, they often become part of my practice of photography.

A single iris and a box of four chocolates were part of a wonderful celebration, and eventually became my week's work.  I began with the iris, steadying it in a vase and using the greenhouse as a staging area for it.  Here is one shot with the blue sky of mid-morning in the background.

iris studyiris study

Despite the fact that the depth of field is relatively short, I was still not entirely pleased, because the background seemed to conflict with rather than complement the bud.

A solid light background was more of what I had in mind, so I recruited my fill disk, and soon realized that the color was too much of an off white, and the fabric was wrinkled.  It was not meant to be used as a backdrop but for filling a subject with light.  I then pulled out a 13" x 19" blank sheet of Epson Hot Press Natural paper and propped it up behind the flower.  Here are two different images utilizing that background.

iris study 3iris study 3


iris study 2iris study 2

The iris, being a linear element, was a perfect divider for the chocolates and this is one of the resulting photographs.  I put the chocolates on a textured glass tray with a white napkin beneath it to give the elements light from several directions.  Chocolates courtesy of Cacao in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

iris and chocolate 1iris and chocolate 1


The red chocolate was particularly rich in patina and color.

iris and chocolate 2iris and chocolate 2


While developing the photographs in Lightroom, I discovered patterns that the glass produced in the sunlight.  A bonus of the process.


Thanks to Ingrid and Robert, and Susie and Bogie for the gifts and the opportunity to work with extraordinary things.

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
This is just a marvelous post, Daryl. The thought and care you put into designing these images is obvious. I'm envious of your constant drive to experiment and learn. Like Peggy, I love the Asian design of the four chocolates and the Iris and, in the same vein, the single Iris and single chocolate. The simple white works best for me, too.
4 chocs & Iris is a winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
subject matter handled creatively, counter intuitively, composition imaginative, colors stunning
Technique is intriguing, looks like subject are floating
It's just one of those magic captures that come every so often that become signature pieces

not to diminish the power of the 2 shot iris rotating. I can feel the movement in those as a pair and yearn for the third shot/3rd rotation to complete a half circle.
I LOVE the image with the four chocolates and the iris! Gorgeous.
Wow, thanks for making our small gifts the topic of this week's blog. I love the way you transform everything into beauty, which we all crave.
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