last and first of the season

September 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

Friday, 22 September, is the autumnal equinox, a time when the light is changing faster than any time during the year, other than at the vernal equinox in March. Tomorrow, the daylight will be shorter by 2 minutes and 17 seconds at the Valverde recording station in Taos, according to the Weather Underground website. As the weekend approaches, low temperatures will be in the 30s (it was 39 here this morning).  That fact, combined with mice happily dining on our abundant tomato crop, encouraged me to pull the tomatoes off the plants and put them into a paper bag to ripen.  This method actually works quite well, and I would rather do that than donate them to the rodent population.  In a way, these tomatoes are not only the last of the season, but also the first we get to eat when they methodically change to a nice reddish-orange color.  Even in their green phase, tomatoes are photogenic.





And what, indeed, would Monday be without a closeup?


I hope that you have time to revel in harvest season, and the gift of lovely, early autumn light that nature brings to photographers and artists of all stripes.

until next Monday,


a passion for the [email protected]


Steve Immel(non-registered)
What a lovely ode to shorter days, cool nights and the comely love apple. Even green, as you say, they're a splendid subject. Your exposures are spot on as always. Fried green tomatoes anyone?
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