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May 21, 2018  •  3 Comments

As our friend, Victoria says "get a cup of coffee and a snack."  Today's blog is a full one!

This weekend was the New Mexico Fiber Crawl, courtesy of the wonderful people at EVFAC, otherwise known at the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center.  Artisans and shops from south of Albuquerque to the Colorado border participated in the crawl.  Fred had his work at EVFAC so we spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday getting to know fiber artists and their work.   But first, I needed to photograph the wall mural "Through the River it Flows" by Nanibah Chacon and EVFAC.  It is a beautiful piece of art gracing the east side of the building, making it pop.

EVFAC mural 1EVFAC mural 1

EVFAC mural 2 by Naniba ChaconEVFAC mural 2 by Naniba Chacon

Here is a shot of Fred's rugs situated on his new mobile display rack.  You can see more of his work at

Fred's display, Fiber CrawlFred's display, Fiber Crawl


It is hopeless.  I cannot resist an interesting face, so I utilized the afternoon shade and reflected fill light on the east side of the building to do some impromptu "fashion shots" of two of the artists at the show.  The first series features fiber artist Vanessa Harris.  Two shots below show one of her scarves as well as the earrings and necklace she made utilizing fiber.

Vanessa, Fiber CrawlVanessa, Fiber Crawl

Vanessa 2, Fiber CrawlVanessa 2, Fiber Crawl

Amanda Speer and Dain Daller are fiber artists and owners of Warp Zone Weaving -  Prominent this weekend were their Ikat weavings and apparel.  The next two shots feature Vanessa wearing one of their beautiful scarves.

Vanessa 3, Fiber CrawlVanessa 3, Fiber Crawl

Vanessa, EVFACVanessa, EVFAC


April Jouse, the current director of operations for EVFAC, is a multi-faceted artist in her own right.  It is easy to see she did performance art and theatre.

April Jouse 4April Jouse 4

April Jouse, EVFACApril Jouse, EVFAC

The wind machine was in full force in the shot below.

April Jouse 2, EVFACApril Jouse 2, EVFAC

April's website is

April Jouse 3April Jouse 3

So, we'll wrap up the fiber in anticipation of the warm months.  But I wouldn't be surprised if some black and white images arose from this shoot and appeared on the blog at some point in the future.  My thanks to everyone at EVFAC, all the vendors, April, Vanessa, Amanda and Dain, and Fred for allowing me to photograph them and their work.

until next Monday,


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Outstanding yet again! The murals remind me a bit of Diego Rivera's work in Cuernavaca, Mexico which is strong and depicting real and working people.
Please can I buy all of Fred's rugs? So strong and striking.
Stunning portraits!!!!!! But where is the image of our favorite fiber shogun? Was he surrounded by an adoring crowd all weekend?
You certainly captured the magic of the mural.
EVFAC is the brightest light in Espanola. It's web now extends into so many lives in NNM.
(I'm most proud to have helped EVFAC purchase and renovate their building in 2007.)
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Whoa! You were on a roll, sister. Love the portraits, of course. Both Vanessa and April posed with plenty of 'tude. Fred's rugs are stellar as always and the murals are aces. That's what I call a good day with the camera.
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