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May 28, 2018  •  4 Comments

It is Memorial Day.  Throughout the weekend, a steady stream of motorcycles, trucks, campers, boats and assorted vehicles have moved over American highways, driven by people seemingly in a hurry to get somewhere.  There will be barbecues, furniture sales, yard sales.  This three day weekend is considered the beginning of the summer travel season but the added Monday - Memorial Day or Decoration Day - was set aside to honor those who died while serving in the armed forces.  Many now celebrate the memory of all who died before us, in addition to those who served.

If I were somehow able to time travel and be in the presence of so many stellar spirits, I would go up to each with a flower, and say "thank you."  Since it is important to say "thank you" every day, I do it here with variations on a theme of wisteria in their fragrant bloom.  This is only the second bloom the vines have produced in seventeen years.  Significance for the coming months?

Wisteria 1Wisteria 1

Wisteria 3Wisteria 3

Wisteria 2Wisteria 2

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
The first wisteria bloom in 17 years is a sweet event though one born of too little winter and less water. Still, as you say, give thanks to beauty when it appears. As to significance, it bodes for dicey times for NM farmers and ranchers who are already practicing drought protocols like moving stock from field to field every two weeks so that a little grass can grow. Might be a a good year for a big monsoon season.
Congratulations on your Wisteria first blooms. There is no other bloom that smells so heavenly. My personal opinion, because they bring back memories of time at one of my grandmothers' house. She had an arbor just outside her kitchen door upon which grew enormous old wisteria vines. They are a grand plant. I'm awaiting mine to come out of dormancy (or death, whichever) after a long winter with virtually no water. It doesn't seem dead, just stubborn. If a vine could stick its chin out in defiance, this one would. I gave the other one to my daughter last year, and hers is climbing to the top of a building and about to bloom. I decided, instead of planting it last summer, to overwinter it in the garage. It's a Blue Moon variety, but they do have to actually be alive to bloom in the second or third year. Oy. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. Your patience with that vine is being rewarded beautifully. Have a wonderful Memorial Day. Love you both.
thank you Daryl for sharing your special view of the world with us each week.
Beautiful Wisteria. Thank you Daryl
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