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January 21, 2019  •  5 Comments

One of the great things about publishing a weekly blog is the commentary one receives from readers.  Several people mentioned that it was likely I was never in Fargo because winter there is much more beastly than it is in New Mexico. This is very true.  Never been there.  Only seen the Cohen Brothers movie of that title.  Many of the "snow" exteriors were shot in North Dakota and they were stunning but left me frozen to my seat.  That was plenty.  But a long-time friend of ours, Dianne, wanted to see some snow angels.  The term has been very broadly interpreted and used in the photographs below.  And I suspect they will be described broadly as well.   All are black and white images.


Angel of the snow shoveler

Angel FredAngel Fred


The snow angel left by a trusty broom used for sweeping snow

broom angelbroom angel


In a more industrial vein, the solar panels, well casing and pitless adaptor stand together in earnest and in shadow.

well casing and pitless adaptorwell casing and pitless adaptor


Steel wire that has come uncoiled projects a lovely shadow.  A nod to my photographer friend, Steve Immel.

wire and snowwire and snow

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Lo siento chica. I have been in the depths of computer hell. Thanks for the lovely examination of snow angels, shadows and the nod to my Sketches of Winter. It' s much appreciated. I, too, am fond of wire against snow. Love the long shadow of the man in a hat. Nice exploration of your theme of the week.
Dianne James(non-registered)
Daryl, you've definitely taken snow angels to a new and remarkable level. They're all wonderful, and my favorite is the "solar panels, well casing and pitless adaptor". You truly have the eye of an artist, and a brain that sees way outside the box. Love it!

I must be a sick person to brag on living in the highest alpine valley in the world, how deep the snow gets on Wolf Creek, and how our icicles are longer than others', but I think you're a person who will understand (seeing as how the Taos Plateau is a part of this Valley) Your photographs will make me look at shadows in a new way.

:) Have a wonderful rest of January.
Daryl, I am in awe on how you create these weekly blogs with fantastic ideas and photos. I thank you for the many moments of beauty and enjoyment you have given me.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
Highly creative and interesting images Daryl!
Fun creative lighthearted images emerging from our recent not-so-fun butt-busting snow storms.
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