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The week that just passed was certainly typical of the rowdiness that is March. Our weather records show wild swings between sun, snow, rain, graupel, hail, and wind.  Spring is definitely here with all its bluster and joy.  Part of that joy is reviewing some of the environmental portraits I have had the opportunity to make in years past, and to share them with you. 

Environmental portraiture - photography in general - as is true with many of the arts, leaves you with gifts that last forever.  I think of the person, the time, season, and conditions during which the photograph was made, and what the individual is doing at the moment each time you view the photograph.  For me, about half the time, I don't really know the person I am photographing, and can only hope to reveal a little about them - their lives and stories.  And even when I do know the person, something seems to pop before the camera revealing a little something else.  Although I have many favorites, some I cannot show here because of privacy concerns.  But the images below are a small sampling of my favorites.

There is nothing like a chef who loves his work.  Robert Hudak, of the Viking Cruise Lines, was thoroughly enjoying the smell of sweets at the Vienna Farmers' Market.

Chef Robert-2Chef Robert-2   


Fiber artist Christine Hernandez is shown here wearing some of her creations.  Her wistful confidence permeates the image.

Christina at Scottish RiteChristina at Scottish Rite


Travis Webb is a man of many talents, the greater field of martial arts being one.  His shaved head phase was not long lived, but his interest in swords and blades has expanded.  He is now creating knives that are both utilitarian and beautiful.

Travis Webb-2Travis Webb-2


Jessica Fry is posed here as a magical woman of the earth, one of her many personas.

Jessica with rock wallJessica with rock wall


The stories that this wedding officiate wears in ink would take some time to see and hear, but there are a great many tales in his eyes and smile as well.

officiate at Cloutman weddingofficiate at Cloutman wedding


Paule Marx, shown in her studio, is one of the most gentle people I know.  It shows in her eyes and approach to life.

Paule Marx-2Paule Marx-2


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Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
You sure know how to take portraits and capture the essence of people.
Very nice.
You have such a gift for 'place', lighting, and capturing the spirit of people. People do not realize how fine a dance it is to get just the right moment, perspective, lighting, and background to make these stupendous what-will-be heirloom portraits. You are truly gifted with that special 'eye' for the shot, but also with the experiences you've had with photography, as well as the knowledge base for what you do. If people only knew.You are an artisan.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Good to see you back with your wonderful portraits, Daryl. Such a variety of faces and auras. The one of Paule is very special, soft and graceful and perfectly lit. The officiant might seem fierce but his smile shows his kindness. The black and white has shades of goth. Wistful is just the word for Christine.
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