still life on a snowy day

April 01, 2019  •  4 Comments

Nature gave us an early April Fool's Day gift of snow, beginning mid-morning yesterday, and continuing throughout the day.  It was one of those rare days when we were firmly ensconced in the house, happy to watch the snow and do absolutely nothing about it.  A day for catching up on reading, paperwork, and still life photography.

One of the things that is intriguing to me is the occurrence in nature of things that are soft and hard, strong and seemingly weak, linear and random.  And I enjoy creating still life images with the same idea in mind.  My husband, Fred, with his background in architecture, aviation, and engineering, has an extremely keen eye for structure.  The Navajo-Churro wool rugs that he weaves make perfect backdrops and give contrast to flowers and food and all sorts of softer objects.  And yesterday was the perfect day to experiment with those ideas.

Fred's "end of the year" striped rug (Rug #325) - a symmetrical blending of all the smaller pieces of wool he collected from his year's weaving - provided an interesting counterpoint to sunflowers.

sunflowers and rug 325sunflowers and rug 325  

sunflower and rug 325sunflower and rug 325


Peruvian lilies highlight part of the architectural detail in Rug 318.

Peruvian lily and rug 318Peruvian lily and rug 318


Those same lilies soften the bold details and colors of what is almost an "eye dazzler" rug, #318.

Peruvian lily and rug 315Peruvian lily and rug 315

Peruvian lily and rug 315 # 3Peruvian lily and rug 315 # 3

All of the images included here were made with natural light from several different sources, punctuated by lighter or heavier cloud cover.  Regardless of the weather, there is almost always a good time, place, and subject matter with which to experiment in life's photographic laboratory.

Thanks to Connie, Cristina and Ben, Wayne, Ingrid, Lisa, Maria, Dianne, Steve, Wayne, and Jean and Sam, and Fred for adding to the photographic discussion this week.

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Ahh, the colors of the thawed out natural world outside is like eye candy to the ones still captive with cabin fever who are still snowed in. Daryl's photos and Fred's rugs truly warm the soul. Thank you for another beautiful look at your world at the Big Sage. Have a wonderful week.
Hugs from the Valley.
Like Yin and Yang, the strong structure of the rug and the beautiful flower (especially striking is the sunflower) complete each other.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
That sure is a lot of good color and textures.
Pretty neat.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
It's always a good day when you get to see Daryl Black's flowers and Fred Black's rugs. They play off of each other beautifully. I don't know if I was aware of the "end of year" rug made from "smaller pieces of wool he collected from this year's weaving." Does that mean that the year ending rug is made of full width strips of woven wool that are somehow "stitched" together to make a rug? It's kind of a puzzle to take odds and ends and create something so perfect.
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