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April 20, 2019  •  10 Comments

Holidays bring people together.  In a world that frequently tends to be manic, holidays, unfortunately, may be some of the few times families and friends eat together.  Therefore, they become big celebrations accompanied by tables covered with wonderful food.  The past week held a series of those celebrations, both secular and religious, around the world. 

Grab a snack and a beverage.  This blog is image heavy!  With food and food photography on the brain, I am asking for your assistance (and I may do this several times in future blogs) in helping me choose images for my new greeting card series.  My food series is called "Tasty and Artful" and will contain 10-15 images.  And I may do subsequent volumes, but it would be great before I venture forth, to get your input.  This means that I have already done some self-editing, which as all photographers know can be both a plus or a minus.  So I am asking your indulgence in telling me which images you think are the strongest, the ones that you like the best, and ones you would like to send to someone.  If you don't like any of them, that input is also helpful.

Bell peppers

bell peppersbell peppersKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Yellow corn

corn images-2corn images-2

Native American corn

Corn jewels 5Corn jewels 5

Egg reflection

Egg reflection 1Egg reflection 1

Victoria's apples

Victoria's applesVictoria's apples

Handmade chocolates and iris

iris and chocolate 1iris and chocolate 1

New world food on Navajo-Churro wool rug

New World order 2New World order 2

Pears in box

pears in a boxpears in a box



Cauliflower cross-section

cauliflower sectioncauliflower section

Rum balls under construction

rum ball in progressrum ball in progressKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Caprese plate

Caprese saladCaprese salad

Thanks to Lawrence, Charlie, Cristina, Marcie, Marilyn, Mary Pat, Myra, Steve, Wayne, Christina W., Connie, Terry T., Jean and Sam, Barbara, Deb H., Sue, and Pauli for your comments during the past couple of weeks.  They are much appreciated!

until next Monday,


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Dianne James(non-registered)
I'm playing catch-up, having missed this post, but love these photographs, of which Caprese Plate and Handmade Chocolates and Iris are my favorite. Isn't it funny how the yellow corn looks like a punk rocker and the Native American corn looks like it's dancing a Native dance, complete with wings? This post really made me hungry, too. :)
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
My favorites:

yellow corn good but would like to see more of the corn.
Native Am corn
new world food on rug
Steve Immeel(non-registered)
This just in from Francisco. Love them all but Native American Corn, Victoria's Apples, New World Food On Navajo-Churro Wool Rug and Pears In A Box really stand out. For me the dark backgrounds show the food items best. I'd like to see more of that treatment. These will make great cards!
Love the plate of food on the Churro rug best - then the Indian Corn. All the photos could be good cards. The yellow corn has to be a baby announcement :) The egg reflection has room to add a personal note inside the egg. The artichoke and peppers are wonderful. Am hungry now, too.
I just love the Native American Corn. With the dark background it is really striking. I am placing an order right now: my friends and family in Europe will really love this card.
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