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April 28, 2019  •  12 Comments

It was great to hear from so many of you concerning possibilities for my Tasty and Artful greeting card set.  The Native American Corn with a black background, and New World Foods were the two images with the most votes, followed by Victoria's apples, the caprese plate, and the artichoke.  One reader felt that some of the images, because they held little color, were boring. However, the images, for the most part, made people hungry, which is a very good thing when it comes to food photography.  My thanks to Terry, Char, Debbie S., Dave O., Suz, TTT, Lisa, Barbara, Lysandra, Pauli, Ingrid, Marilyn, Steve, Wayne, and Ellen for helping.

Ah, but I am not done with you yet!  I need your help on a second set of photographs, which appear here.  Again, any and all comments are welcome.


Grapes in the Vienna Farmers' Market



set for tea

tea and tea pot sepiatea and tea pot sepia


butterhead lettuce veins

lettuce veinslettuce veins


rows of lettuce

lettuce in rowslettuce in rows


cherry tomatoes

cherry tomatoescherry tomatoes


heirloom tomatoes

assorted heirloom tomatoesassorted heirloom tomatoes


coffee in Zimbabwean basket

coffee beans in basketcoffee beans in basket


cauliflower soup




squash on basketsquash on basket


Once again, my thanks to you for participating in the development of my card/print collection.  I hope your week holds many good nibbles.

until next Monday,


a passion for the [email protected]


Ingrid Upton(non-registered)
Really love" coffee in a basket". Of course I truly love coffee every morning.
Again, a very interesting collection of food and containers. The lettuce veins, lettuce rows, cherry tomatoes, coffee, and mini-squash are my favs. Will add the tea set as it's a very complicated composition and deserves to be included. Nicely done.
Charlie Kalogeros-Chattan(non-registered)
The mini-squash in the basket looks like it's about to start speaking, and the lettuce leaf clearly hold the entire universe in its palm. These are my favorites.

I do love the tea, the coffee, and the soup--they are stellar images, but they touch my brain more than my heart. This doesn't mean I wouldn't include them in the collection--it just means I would use them differently if I bought the set.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Hmm. Cherry tomatoes with wooden utensil. Coffee in basket. Cauliflower soup. The constant being the vegetable or fruit is shown with a vessel, container or something manmade that gives the image context. Although I usually favor monochrome this series seems to ask for color. The tea setting is wonderful as a stand alone photograph but I think color discloses more. Also, the soup is the only prepared dish. Maybe using raw ingredients throughout is worth considering.

It's a beautiful and mouthwatering series. All are elegant and rich.
Myra Bleyer(non-registered)
The yellow mini squash is my favorite followed by the cauliflower soup and lettuce leaf.
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