dancing among the iris

June 22, 2019  •  7 Comments

Taking a cue from many friends who have gone for hikes in the mountains lately, I knew it was time for an early summer pilgrimage on Highway 64. Those hints, combined with temperature, the angle of the sun, time of year, and time of day called out in an odd but familiar and comfortable way.  As a photographer, I must answer the call. The wild iris are in bloom!  And they did not disappoint.

Although acres of grazing land behind barbed wire fencing were loaded with them, I was able to find blooms just below the high pass along rivulets and streams.  Given the fact that there are still huge lenses of snow waiting to melt, water is everywhere and so are the iris.  Moving from rock to rock and dry spots to avoid sinking into the bogs was like doing a not-so-graceful dance. Glad there wasn't video!  Below is an example of iris right on the edge of slow-moving water, which lends a contrasting backdrop to the flower, leaves, and grass.

Wild iris 2019 DWild iris 2019 D


In addition to capturing the different colors and patterns of the petals, I wanted to continue my search for interesting natural backdrops, camera angles, and other photographic elements such as depth of field.  In the case below, a rotting log served that purpose.

Wild iris 2019 BWild iris 2019 B


The grasses and iris leaves are nature's background in the three closeups below.

Wild iris 2019 FWild iris 2019 F

Wild iris 2019 CWild iris 2019 C

Wild iris 2019 AWild iris 2019 A


The height of the iris in this shot adds interest.

Wild iris 2019 EWild iris 2019 E


What really appealed to me about the bloom and other iris shown here was the color.  Almost a pure periwinkle.  The splashes of yellow come courtesy of golden peas.

Wild iris - periwinkleWild iris - periwinkle


Thanks to Suz, Kay, Donna C., Maria, Christina, Heather H., Steve, Victoria, and Wayne for participating in the blog process this week!

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Ah, Highway 64 at the height of land is splendid all times of the year. Great to see the myriad angles and perspectives you bring to the task. The shallow depth of field focuses our attention the blooms themselves. I really like the "splashes of yellow" provided by the golden peas in bottom image. The three close-ups are beautifully framed.
Lovely against the green green background. When I was small, the first time I understood the color "periwinkle" was when I got a Siamese kitten. Her eyes were a true periwinkle blue, according to my mom. It's been a favorite color ever since. Nice to see it in nature again.
Susie Sonflieth(non-registered)
Just beautiful...both the iris & pronghorn.
Dianne James(non-registered)
Aren't they wonderful!? Thank you for your lovely work in capturing these so beautifully. Fred should go along with a video camera :) I know it was fascinating watching you work while doing my daughter's wedding. No matter what you're photographing, you get the most amazing shots. Very creative, you are.
These wonderful photos make me want to drive the 64 and see lots of water and Iris for myself. Thanks for all the great shots. Periwinkle makes my heart sing.
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