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July 01, 2019  •  4 Comments

During a most delightful brunch this week with friends, they asked how I come up with a blog every Monday.  That was, indeed, a great compliment because I consider myself neither a great writer nor photographer.  I am passionate about both because I feel obligated to observe, note, and share the world around me in any way I can, and a blog is a great way to do that.  For me, observation (despite the fact that I frequently seem to miss things right in front of my nose) is a true constant.   Seeing, reflecting, and photographing - in nature or in the city - is what I do.  Walk and look, up, down, and around.  Think.  Get my camera. Shoot and repeat.  And I am always happy when you enjoy the sometimes odd threads I follow.

Once again, the amazing season of flowers is today's blog theme.  This week, I shot photographs, printed a number of the wild iris shots from last week, and worked on several images from years past to create juicy black and white prints.  First, Gallardia, class of 2019.  The Rocky Mountain penstemon, in the background of several shots, are also having a banner year.

Gallardia 2019 AGallardia 2019 A   

Gallardia 2019 CGallardia 2019 C

Gallardia 2019 BGallardia 2019 B


As the standard darkroom did and still does for some photographers, digital darkroom work takes up a large chunk time. Here is one image I worked with this week of a white camelia that seemed perfect for the black and white application.  

White cameliaWhite camelia


My thanks to Victoria, Wayne, Lisa, Donna C., Ingrid, Dianne, Susie, Pauli, and Steve for you most welcome comments.

until next Monday,


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Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Ah yes, the Firewheel. I have many pics of them.
I really like your side view.

I love the detail of the Camelia. Perfect for B&W.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
I'm delighted to see the classic black and white photograph of the camellia. It's so rich in monochrome. I love the way the background recedes to black and we can see the parchment quality of the petals. The penstemon shots are among your best especially the profile in image two. Beautiful work, Daryl.
Peggy Immel(non-registered)
Your photographs of these flowers are absolutely stunning!
Debra Harbaugh(non-registered)
You continue to amaze me with your photos! I just got home from a 19 day trip to France, Normandy Beach, where Monet and the other guy shot their photos of nature. I also watched D-Day events all day long when I got home. I had a fantastic time and it reminded me of how great our country was and still is. Take care my friends as I am off to the airport to get a friend and her father who just got back from Costa Rica!
Debra Harbaugh
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