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October 12, 2020  •  5 Comments

Autumn presents a multitude of photographic opportunities, and the weather this week made that photography an absolute delight.  While some parts of the country and the world are receiving much more rain than necessary, it is extremely dry here but equally gorgeous.  

The season would be incomplete without at least one drive into the mountains.  Although it was a bit late and much of the intense color had already passed, several aspen stands continued to show their golds and red.  

Nature - trees - aspen Santa Fe Ski basinNature - trees - aspen Santa Fe Ski basin

Year after year as I photograph aspen, thinking that there are only so many ways the trees can be photographed, the trunks hold more and more appeal to me.  The image below demonstrates the growth lines on this multiple-trunked beauty.

There are several maples in our new neighborhood that catch your eye regardless of how many times you walk by them.  The sun not only added intensity to the color but a nice shadow below the bottom leaves.


The total shadow in this image of aspen leaves in water does just the opposite of the maple, making an interesting abstract shot.


A hanging apple renders the comfort of harvest time in New Mexico.


In addition to the brilliant orange of this pumpkin, the stem is a thing of beauty, completing the photographic autumn grab bag.


Terry T., Debra, Luella, Wayne, Kay, Larry and Carol, Christina, Donna and Dave, Sara, Jean and Sam, Steve, Catherine, and Ryley A. got in touch this week to comment on the blog, and as always, your words are much appreciated.  

I hope that each of you is able to do some photography wherever you are.

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
This is a gorgeous and varied autumn set, Daryl. The maple leaves are a nice counterpoint to the aspens' gold. And the abstract of the aspen leaves in the water is super. You touched on the icons of fall: the aspen foliage, the pumpkin, and an apple on the tree. Apple picking was an essential part of a New England autumn. I miss it to this day.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
All exquisite images Daryl! The variety that you put together impressed me. Love the three leaves!
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Fall aspens and maples.

Great time of year.

So much color.

And you capture it well.

I miss the Dixon Apple Farm.
Gorgeous autumnal extravaganza
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
I especially like the 3 leaves in the water and the chipmunk on top of the pumpkin ;>)
Sad that I am missing out on Autumn this year while I recuperate from a hernia surgery. Have to stay in and lay low. It is my favorite season of the year and I miss it but thanks for bringing some in to my view today. TT
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