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October 05, 2020  •  6 Comments

It has been quite some time since I have photographed dogs or canines, including coyotes, so starting again around the neighborhood is a new and interesting challenge.  Almost like human environmental portraiture, photographing the dogs, perhaps along with their owners in our new neighborhood, may become an ongoing project.

To begin, here is a coyote teenager I photographed many years ago on the mesa in Taos County.  Comparing this wild child with a domesticated dog breed, there really aren't that many differences.

Tucker is a very smart labradoodle, one of the many great dogs who are walked every day in the neighborhood.  Even when he is at rest, he is always on the alert, similar to his wild relatives.

More in the "portrait" line, the two images below are vintage Tucker.

It was wonderful to receive everyone's comments last week about National Electric Drive Week, and to know so many are thinking about the possibilities of alternative energy.  Thanks to Lucia, Steve, Claudia, Karla, Terry T., Catherine, Wayne, TTT, Jean and Sam, and Ingrid for participating in the discussion.  Hope you have a wonderful first week in October.  

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Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
I adore labradoodles and these beautiful images simply reinforce my love for them. You were able to catch his somewhat mischievous look in his eyes! Thanks Daryl!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You’re so right that the coyote could be a pet. The way it looks at you, aware and unafraid, make the critter seem downright friendly. That the handsome labradoodle is definitely aware of its surroundings. They’re both charmers and wonderfully photographed.
You've captured Tucker's personality perfectly, as well as the heart of Tucker's owner, with your photos. I can see you becoming the Canine Camera Captiva of SF! Congratulations on this new venture, but we...and your coyote friends ...miss you!
Sara Woodburn(non-registered)
What a great way to show how your "hood" has changed. You will never stop really seeing the world around you as long as you have your camera and we are all the richer for your observations and connections. Thanks!
I love the second photo of Tucker, he is keeping an eye on you! Hope you guys are doing well with your transition, after 20 years on the Mesa it has to be a big change.
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