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November 16, 2020  •  6 Comments

Our governor placed another (and much needed, in my opinion) stay at home order for New Mexico, effective today, as she desperately tries to convince people that wearing masks, keeping social distance, and mostly staying at home are the best methods of remediating the explosion of COVID-19 in our midst.  It became more profound on Sunday when a friend and neighbor of ours tested positive.  She is asymptomatic at this point and we hope she remains in that category.

Obviously, there are many different opinions on the subject of mask wearing, but one thing I have always thought about it is that it had to be cool and fun. From the very beginning, my feeling was that if all the sports teams, restaurants, clubs, organizations, and even houses of worship created their own mask designs more people could wear them as fashion statements rather than feeling like they were being punished.  Despite the fact that vaccines will help control this virus, other diseases may well erupt in the future.  Why not get some fun and joy from wearing a mask?  Match your clothes as you do with scarves or pocket handkerchiefs or squares, gloves, ball caps, and other accessories. Frivolous? Perhaps.  Silly?  I don't know.  But these days we can all certainly use a little levity and brightness.  So I present the Black Mask Collection.  Sort of.  Like earrings, one can never have enough, and it is growing.  They look a little like bikini tops, but hey.



A fish story?

My favorite model wearing a dragon mask from Crazy Shirts.

Thanks to Terry T., Christina, TTT, Kay, Marilyn, Steve, Debra, Barbara, Jean and Sam, Wayne and Bill and Sue for commenting this week.  Happy Birthday to Barbara, Carolyn, Cristina and Wayne who will be celebrating later this month.

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Enjoyed the mask menagerie especially with adobe wall behind. I will try and order the dragon mask for our granddaughter, since she is a water dragon.
Our masks are much more boring. I got to spruce up our collection!
Debra Harbaugh(non-registered)
Great idea! We could change masks when we go to different locations and they wouldn't recognize us.... or not.
Take care my friends.
Debra Harbaugh
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
I want one that runs on electricity and not gas! Oops, wrong subject matter ...
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Very nice collection.

I want a burnt orange one to match my Ferrari.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Leave it to you to find a different take on the mask wearing conundrum. I can't grasp the political lighting rod that wearing a mask has become or how being required to wear one or simply doing the right thing for your fellows is even a discussion. We're required to wear pants when we're in public even though no one would be in physical danger if we didn't. What's happened to common sense?

Your light hearted and fashion forward take on the charged subject is much appreciated. I need cooler masks.
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