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On 26 November 2020, Thanksgiving will be celebrated in the United States of America.  Despite and perhaps because of the widening pandemic, some have felt the desperate need to travel and visit friends and family by airplane, automobile, train, or bus.  Many will make telephone calls, or use Skype, Zoom or other formats, as well as social media, to connect.  I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for keeping in touch and for reading and commenting on my blog this year.  I am extremely thankful for friends and family, having a roof over my head and food to eat, a beautiful planet on which to live, laughter and love, for the ability to move and to read, and for art and work.  

Fred was kind enough to allow me to use his rug-in-progress to highlight squash - a New World food - that was in existence long before the first Thanksgiving in America.

We noticed these signs recently and I must applaud personnel at Santa Fe County for planting them.

The sign above is perfect - In bad times, a good face.  Be brave and weather the storm.

Have a safe and fine Thanksgiving.  We look forward to next year when we can share the joy of in-person celebrations with many of you.  Thanks to Char, Barbara, Lisa, Paule, Steve, Wayne, Terry T., Jean and Sam, Karla, Ingrid, Debra, and Victoria for your words this week.

until next Monday,


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Thankful to you both...for your friendship for many years and for generously sharing your many talents despite the pandemonium of this Covid pandemic world. ( 2 people with a 21 lb turkey?? ..send Tupperware!!)
Stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving to you, my family in New Mexico. Nice seeing the fall pumpkins with Fred's creation in the making - nice touch. Had forgotten that pumpkins were a native plant - again nice touch. I'll spend our day of thanks solo also, and catch up with my family via phone calls. xo Cuz
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You've delivered a timely message here, Daryl. Certainly, it's appropriate to feature a native food as we approach Thanksgiving. The squash are wonderfully presented on Fred's rugs. The signs Es Macho Muchacho y Mal Tiempo Buena Cara put a light hearted slant on the importance of wearing a mask. Who could be offended by that?

Turkey for two for us, as well. Happy Thanksgiving, Daryl and Fred.

Steve and Peggy
A, B & C thank you and Emeritus for your friendship and your reliability - where would monday be without your eye candy photogs and insightful narratives? : ))
Wonderful photo of the squash on the loom. Thank you for brightening my week with your wonderful creativity and photos. We are staying home and two people can't eat a whole turkey, so there will be a lot extra with which to make tamales. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Love ya,
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