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March 30, 2020  •  7 Comments

Here it is.  The final Monday in March 2020.  And what an incredible month it has been.  Numbers of cases and unfortunately deaths from the corona virus keep rising in the United States and the world, but we rarely have seen a more breakneck pace at which innovation is happening.  Incredible energy is being put into finding both therapeutics and a vaccine for the COVID-19.  BBC reported yesterday that engineers at University College London and Mercedes Formula 1 racing team have developed a device to deliver oxygen to the lungs of a patient without a ventilator.   American automakers are building ventilators in their car factories. Not to mention the hospital workers who are innovating on the run and creating faces masks from whatever materials they have on hand.   

Compared to what so many are doing, the changes I have made are miniscule. Like everyone else, I am more involved than ever in the task of cleaning - hand washing, sanitizing hard surfaces, cleaning groceries and deliveries.  I am a pretty clean and organized person, but I am also the first to admit that it seems to take an inordinate amount of time, perhaps time that I would like to devote to photography.  But it absolutely must be done to get through this.  Given that, I spent an equally inordinate amount of time this week photographing a setup that is representative of these things. Meet my new friends in the time of corona.  (As an aside, we have found a very practical alternative to latex gloves in the form of corn tortilla bags.  We have a whole stack of the Mi Rancho sacks that are recloseable and stay on your hands better.)

COVID-19 supplies 1COVID-19 supplies 1

COVID-19 supplies 3COVID-19 supplies 3

As all of us continue to develop a "new normal", nature goes on as it always does, and there are more signs of spring every day.  The beautiful cedar wax wings have arrived at the feeders of friends south of Santa Fe, mountain bluebirds are working on their nests, and assorted sparrows along with other ground birds are singing those unmistakeable territorial songs.  Red shafted flickers are drilling into anything they can with their beaks, including ant hills. As I write this, it has started to precipitate - rain, snow, graupel - a real March mashup. 

The sky presented quite the mashup this week, with clouds we had not seen before.  Something must have been going on in the troposphere, for the cloud scallops to be mixed with the cumulus clouds.

March cloud mashup 3March cloud mashup 3

March cloud mashup 1March cloud mashup 1

March cloud mashup 2March cloud mashup 2


Thanks this week to Wayne, TTT, Steve, Terry T., Catherine, Larry and Carol M., Marilyn, Jean and Sam, Christina, Barbara, and Lena and Sam for your feedback. And what can I say to the grocery store employees, postal employees, delivery people, drivers, EMTs, nurses, doctors, and all medical personnel, home health care workers, janitors and sanitation workers, scientists and researchers, firefighters, police, National Guard members, and other military personnel here and abroad, pilots, flight attendants, ticket agents, maintenance workers, and journalists, reporters, and videographers? Then there are the educators and parents who now found themselves in the role of full time educators?   Everyone out in the world, doing their absolute best to make these strange and scary times better for all of us.  Thank you hardly even seems appropriate, but it will have to do for now. In the mean time, we'll be thinking about creative ways to express our appreciation when all of this is over.

until next Monday,


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Sara Woodburn(non-registered)
All I can say is WOW and THANKS for connecting us every week with your thoughtful messages and inspiring photographs, especially needed right now!
Dianne James(non-registered)
What beautiful clouds and the blue sky I remember from my childhood in this high country! I love the "cloud scallops" term you used. Perfect. Nice to not see persistent contrails, and see the sky au naturale. Your beautiful photos are the cherry on top.

With regard to the Corona situation, never in my wildest dreams would I have thoutht I'd be leaving my groceries on the picnic table while disinfecting them before taking them inside. My hands get rough as a cob before I realize what all the handwashing and alcohol have done. I keep a tube of udder balm on my desk. I've added Black Elderberry, more D3, more Vitamin C, Echicacea, Acerola Cherry powder, and Cat's Claw Bark to an already extensive regimine. Had to research what not to take with what. That's always fun... Lots of prayer for everyone I love, the community, state, nation, and world. I love puttering around in my garden, listening to the cacophony of birds in the Lilac bushes and trees around my place- it is music to my soul, so self-isolating for me is not that big a deal. I enjoy it, actually.

I love you, Daryl & Fred, and I enjoy these blog posts immensely, as well as the friends who add their comments, too. Love you all. Blessings and peace from the Valley.
Debra Harbaugh(non-registered)
First of all I would like to say you are a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER!!! Also, if you got a Face Book post from me ....I did not send it....I was HACKED!!! I am going to call my computer team tomorrow to try to delete all of my Face Book friends as I have only opened it twice in 4 years!! So, if you got a message from me was NOT me! Stay safe my friends.
All my love,
Debra Harbaugh
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Now I have a name for those odd rain clouds, "cloud scallops." The ones I've seen have been alone in the sky and then yesterday cooler temperatures brought the deep blue and classic cumulus. As Terry says and you captured so well "We do have the best skies here."

Your still lifes are oddly humorous given our situation right now. While we've been quite careful we cranked it up a notch this weekend and are going to batch our shopping so go to market as little as possible.

Thanks for the post and Saludos.
The rum is a sly wink!
Don’t we all live for your clouds!!!
: > ))
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