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June 22, 2020  •  7 Comments

Father's Day and the summer solstice punctuated the weekend, amidst the pandemic and political crises.  The world turns, and we and nature along with it, complete with all the beauty and strangeness therein.

These roses were the "first clip" from a neighbor's rose bush.  Neither she nor I know the variety, but its delicate ivory color and fragrance make it a prize in my book, from stem to stern.  Light and reflection make the stems a great subject for a toned black and white still life, shown below.


The petals have just enough yellow and pink in them to produce a rich ivory color.  The rays of light on the table are a bonus.


What would one of my blogs be without a closeup?


Thanks to Donna, Susie, Pauli, Dianne, Ingrid, Wayne, Steve, Elida, and Jean and Sam for your comments this week.  Please forgive me if I forgot to include any one of you here who wrote.  There are piles of paper everywhere in the chaos, which is slowly becoming more organized by the day.

until next Monday,


a passion for the [email protected]


The photo at the bottom suggests the texture of the rose petals. Unforgetable.
Very, very beautiful, Daryl. The stems in water, wonderful treatment in every way. Gorgeous. Do you know the name of the cultivar? All I have, so far, are Rosa Rugosa and Joseph's Coat. I'm a rose newbie.
The closeup looks so inviting for a bee to snuggle into!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
It's good to see you lead with a toned black and white, Daryl. The stems are magnified and the water appears viscous. I agree that the warm glow on the table top is the defining element that takes the photograph from beautiful to special. I've heard that described as punctum, a small distinct point, that makes the difference in a piece of art. The ray of light does that. It is a gorgeous rose!
To paraphrase Nietzsche: You must have chaos...to give birth to a dancing star...oran on-time blog! Congratulations for your artistic persistence and punctuality and perfect rose in the midst of chaotic change.
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