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June 29, 2020  •  6 Comments

Walking around with camera in hand, I found myself seeing the play of light and shadows on stucco walls.  Just as adobleros/adobleras use their skills to mix adobe and apply finishes, the same happens with those applying modern stucco finishes with their own individual strokes.  Each wall is a palette for light and shadow.  In today's blog, I apply different finishes or strokes to three different images.  The first is a toned black and white image of a carriage lamp and shadows on stucco.


The photograph below is of a potted Japanese maple on river rocks against a stuccoed wall.  The different variations in intensity of the stucco color provides a soft backdrop.



The last image is an in-your-face, full of color shot of a hollyhock against a stuccoed wall.   One of the different strokes that shouts "New Mexico!" 


Thanks to Debbie, Karla, Bill, Debra, Donna C., Christina, Steve, Dianne, Ingrid, Jean and Sam, Donna K., Wayne, and Barbara for commenting this week.  I hope to get emails to each of you this week.

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Lawrence Jones(non-registered)
Daryl, your images always make us miss New Mexico and all it has to offer.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Lovely shot of the carriage lamp on stucco wall. It look more like color than toned black and white to me. I'm so confused! And the tone of the stucco in image two pairs beautifully with the Japanese maple. The hollyhock does indeed say New Mexico and once again you've used shallow depth of field to keep our focus on the bloom. Nice set.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
I have always loved stucco as a background in my images. I love the beauty and simplicity of the lantern, Daryl! You are always so creative in finding beautiful objects to work with! Happy 4th to you and Fred!
Beautiful photos of some of my favorite things - lanterns, Japanese maples, and hollyhocks - and subjects against stucco or adobe walls. The first house in which my family lived in Colorado was an old adobe built by a Japanese family. We only had an outhouse and a hand pump and it was on the Sangre De Cristo creek surrounded by huge cottonwoods and Willow. We built a bathroom onto the house, the next summer, and a well pump and tank were installed. It was a tough but wonderful adventure and where I got my desire to build things. Thank you for the reminder of that time and the beautiful work of your photography. I hope you two have a wonderful Fourth of July, surrounded by the beauty you so deftly depict in your photos.

Much love from the Valley
Kenny Nix(non-registered)
I loved the Hollyhock, how beautiful, I immediately started thinking of how to paint it in watercolor. Julie sent us some seeds from Taos from the Taos Inn that turned out to be white Hollyhocks and they bloomed the very first year they came up here in Tennessee. Go figure.
Your photos always make me long for the parts of NM that always inspired me and Kelly to create new things.
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