driving along the Gorge

July 06, 2020  •  2 Comments

The highway to Taos from Santa Fe through Española runs along the Rio Grande and offers several amazing views of the Rio Grande Gorge.  Highway 68 can be a bit of a raceway, with few pullouts.  The landscape simply doesn't permit that on a two-lane highway.  Short of two overlooks that offer absolutely stunning views of the Gorge, drive by shooting along the route is one of the better possibilities if you want to photograph the western horizon. There was a spectacular thunderstorm buildup today, and despite the fact that it was the "no can do" hour just past noon, I thought I would give it a try. Shooting from a moving vehicle has never been my forte but I managed to grab some shots, wind in my face.  Each image has slight variations on the theme. The Rio Grande Gorge which is approximately 800 feet deep, is only visible in these shots as a darker line running near the bottom third in the first and third photographs.


The motion of the vehicle is visible in the foreground of this photograph.

Thanks to Lawrence, Catherine, Steve, Brenda, Lisa, Dianne, Kenny, Sara, Barbara, Christina and Debra for wrapping up the month of June with your lovely comments!  

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
You got a perfect sky to emphasize the views that greet Taoseños and visitors when they drive out of the horseshoe and see the expanse of high desert and the Rio Grande Gorge spread before them. It's the sight that thrills us and says, welcome home.
Drama in the high desert! good catch!
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