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September 14, 2020  •  3 Comments

I have asked myself so many times this week "What can I do" and "what should I do" in reference to the climate crisis evidenced by unprecedented fires in the west, and hurricanes on the east and Gulf Coasts, not to mention the ongoing pandemic.  Years ago when we held fantasies of going to the Florida Keys and Cayman Islands to snorkel, the water temperature in high summer was 85 degrees.  Winter was in the range of 78 to 82, and without a wet suit, that is a little chilly.  Wuss, yes, but now the water temperature is in the 90 degree Fahrenheit range.  It is unnaturally warm but great for breeding hurricanes.  The sequence of fire, floods, and mudslides has always been part of beautiful California's environment, but the fires this year are bigger, hotter, and more destructive than ever, and they now extend into Oregon and Washington.  As California Governor Gavin Newsom said this week (I paraphrase here) "If you want to see climate change in action, come to California."  It is crushing.  Lives are being taken and/or cruelly distorted.   We want to do more, but probably the best thing we can do is stay home and out of first responders' way.  So, we continue doing our art and living life as lightly as we can.

Within the slight chaos that is involved in moving, Fred has managed to weave three rugs.  He will start on a commission this week, which will be Rug #343, his 400th piece in total (including runners, pillows, and rifle scabbards). Who would have thought?  Here is a shot of Rug #341.  It is 100% Navajo-Churro wool, dyed by Connie Taylor, and features three different shades of malachite, along with ochre, dyed black, and Ganado red.

The wool awaits....

...as does the empty loom

I took the opportunity, in addition to photographing wool, to find the beauty in the aging roses I had photographed two weeks ago.

Thanks to Wayne, Bill and Sue, Barbara, Ann and Tomas, Christina, Jean and Sam, Marilyn, Steve, Charlie, Catherine, Connie and Ingrid for your comments this.  They make my day, regardless of what day you are able to check out the blog.  

My hope is that we can all be gentle with Planet Earth this week.  It needs our kindness at this point, and always.

until next Monday,


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Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
As you say what needs to be done is not done to save Planet Earth and interact on her behalf. Although she will always survive and we may not! These are very difficult times and your suggestion for us not to interfere with first responders by staying at home is wise. But we all wish we could do something to end this nightmare. You and Fred are focusing on your art and that Is commendable! The rug is beautiful as are the aging roses! Thanks Daryl!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for your recognition of the climate tragedies that surround us, especially up and down the West Coast. California is facing the worst fire season in history and the weather becomes more volatile each year, Glaciers disappear, the Amazon burns and we don't do what needs to be done,

It's a credit to Fred that he focuses on his craft, hell or high water. Congratulations to him for persevering and to you for the wonderful photographs and descriptions.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
That guy Fred sure does nice work.

Great work, great designs.
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