harvest jewels

October 20, 2021  •  2 Comments

Autumn's beauty is singularly fleeting, and photographers have to grab it while they can.  Little jewels of the season can be seen almost everywhere - from the forests filled with aspens to the river and stream banks covered with cottonwoods, and naturally, farmers' markets.  A combination of these is reflected in today's blog. 

Farmers' markets are brimming with color, tastes, and smells.  One of the great fragrances is the winesap apple, with its crisp texture and tartness. They are photogenic wherever they are staged.  Here is a grouping in dry ash leaves.  

Almost burnished in character, winesaps exude warmth amidst chill.


The joy of a simple pumpkin cannot be overstated.  it definitely brings out the child in me.


It takes a real artist to put together a table like Team Upton can, as demonstrated by the Caprese salad below.



One of the ultimate reflections of harvest is wine in a glass.  The one below was full of design from the base and stem to the bowl. 

A final harvest shot, an ear of corn rendered in black and white.

corn images-3corn images-3

Thanks to Ingrid and Robert, Jean and Sam, Lisa, Wayne, Terry T., Ann A., Barbara F. R., Jim and Louise, Connie, and Steve and Peggy for your wonderful and thought-provoking comments this week!

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Daryl, you make everything look so delicious with your wonderful photos and interesting view angles!
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