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October 23, 2021  •  3 Comments

A friend of ours from Arizona wrote that he was going to Safeway to get his COVID booster.  He said "I'm pretty sure it is being given by a guy in the produce department."  So when Fred was emailed about his own appointment on Saturday at the Santa Fe Artists' Market just north of the Farmers' Market, we thought "Perfect!"   He got his jab with an appointment and I got mine without.  Two for one weekend special.  And it gave me the opportunity to purchase some fresh veggies and do photography.  What a deal! 

As usual, the amount of food available at the Market is always astounding, and the vegetables, oh my.  How delicious and photogenic they always are.  Today's blog wraps up the harvest season before the snow flies, with a riot of color from the produce department.  To set the scene, here is a shot of the north end of the Farmers' Market at the Railyard.

butternut squash 

lovely Peruvian potatoes


beautiful blue, perhaps, Hopi corn

radishes and their wild roots

Napa cabbage

A farmers' market in New Mexico would not be complete without chile.

Thanks for your patience last week while I was trying to get my blog out via email rather than Zenfolio.  The blog is now in Zenfolio if you want to take a look at it that way.  Lisa, Jean & Sam, Wayne, Terry T., Ann A., Barbara F. R., Jim & Louise, Connie, Lucia, and Steve and Peggy commented despite the glitches and I thank you!

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
You gotta love farmers markets. I don’t know why but these are among your best. Every single one is stellar. I really like the horizontal of the butternut squash and blue and pale yellow of the Hopi corn. It feels to me that they were all in open shade like a canopy in an open air market. And the long horizontal of the rich red and green Chile’s soars.

This from blighted Cortez, CO. Not a mask in sight and everybody’s a wide-body.
Dianne James(non-registered)
Very beautiful photos, Daryl. You've made me hungry! For a moment, looking at the Railyard photo, I thought there was a horse standing there. My brain finally admitted it was people legs I was seeing. Blessings to you both.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
So nice. I like all the pics, especially the chiles.
Also the redishes (sic).
I do love red.

I remember getting great heirloom tomatoes at the market there.
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