the spirit of leaves

November 08, 2021  •  4 Comments

Most deciduous trees, by their nature, shed leaves once a year.  It is part of their life cycle.  And the last hoorah of leaves, as every person in the Rocky Mountains knows, is spectacular.  Even as leaves lose their colors and dry, they continue to circle around us, forming eddies in corners, around rocks, and at the base of the tree from which they fall.  They are picked up by the wind and transferred almost constantly, following us around, to the delight of many children who walk through them, stomp on them, and jump in piles, disappearing beneath their glory.  That part of the child in me never left. Leaves in all their forms are glorious, leading me to feature a few beauties in today's blog.  It is as if the leaves in the image below were put on the ground to highlight the concrete bench. 


Each leaf has its own distinct character and spirit, a present to those who search its notches and veins.  From a flowering fruit tree of an "unknown to me" species, this specimen looks like it is on fire.


Catching the last light of day, another leaf from a different flowering fruit tree, has a velvet softness to show off its saturated color.


From the same tree as the first, the leaf below is hanging on to the tree before falling and joining the gathering below it.


Finally, a side spray of barberry, full of different spirits.

As we move forward in November, there are numerous opportunities for photography, and I hope they will present themselves to you this week.  Thanks to Victoria, TTT, Terry, Lisa, Jean and Sam, Barbara, Jim and Louise, and Dianne for your comments this week.

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
For starters, that's a killer abstract in your Monday email. This whole post is extraordinary. Your images and prose harmonize a love song to fall. I've often commented on your superb use of shallow depth of field and today you've outdone yourself. All three photographs of the single leaves are masterful in their shallow focus. The third one with the blurred fallen leaves is special. And, finally, the vertical at the bottom is wonderfully composed.

Thanks for a great post, Daryl.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Very nice. Fall has our favorite colors.
You captured the autumn beauty and mood. Thanks Daryl
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
Leafy and I thank you for this lovely farewell to Fall post.
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