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August 22, 2021  •  5 Comments

Since many children have returned and others are headed back to school in the coming weeks, I figured it was a good time to do some continuing photographic education of my own.  Thanks to B&H Photo and Video in New York City, the "go to" place for photo, video, audio, and computers, I did just that.  My lessons were enhanced by their periodic videos and written tips for photographers of all stripes.  Each one has something that answers a question or sparks the creative juices.  One of the topics this week was the basic three point lighting concept.  I have used the light shown below for lighting subjects from people to inanimate objects. It was relatively inexpensive and works well as a back light, providing fill behind the subject.  So I photographed it, complete with fingerprints.  

Then I took my "thrifty photographer" backdrop outside to an area that renders near-three point light itself, to capture the final, saturated phase of roses.  As always, the idea is to vary the angle or backdrop enough to make the subject more interesting.  Of course, I do look for a traditional "botanical" look as well.

For all photos here, shot with the sheet backdrop, I let the folds become part of the images.


The accordion fold on the right side of the photograph below seems to be parting for the rose closeup.

Finally, rose on glass.

I hope each of you is able to embrace some continuing education this week, regardless of the form it takes!

Thanks to Steve, Jean and Sam, Terry T., Barbara F. R., Susie, and Wayne for contributing to my C. E. this week!

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
You're ever the student, Daryl. I admire that. You've prompted me to dust off the lights and backdrops and relearn studio lighting. Actually, its been on my mind especially for portraits.

You've shown that "It's the photographer not the equipment." to paraphrase the doping cyclist Lance Armstrong who once said "It's the man not the machine." Either way mastering one's simple tools can lead to masterful photographs like yours today.

I'm particularly fond of the reclining rose and blurred stem in image four. I'm a sucker for shallow depth of field. I know you're surprised.

Do you ever use a diffuser on the light? I now they're available and inexpensive. Like a mini-softbox.
These photos remind us to look at everything from different angles.
Oh yes to the education part. We are learning how to be grandparents "in the flesh" again! It is so wonderful.
Thanks for your very interesting photos of the rose with different backgrounds.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Very nice, I love the lighting effects.
I know B&H, good company. And they will buy your old camera equipment.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
I love the experimenting you did here. And the sheet makes for a splendid backdrop. It all made me wonder what the image would look like with your light coming from behind the sheet and through to the rose. Nice botanical portraits here.
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