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August 29, 2021  •  7 Comments

One of the most stunning combinations of human-rendered material and nature is adobe/concrete/plaster and a clean blue sky.  I never tire of seeing and exploring how buildings are surrounded by the sky and how the surfaces merge into that backdrop.  Although the texture of plastered adobe is lush and visually soft, and concrete is frequently precise and angular, a blue sky seems to provide both definition.  

In the image below, the stucco does the opposite, serving as a backdrop for the sky and clouds.

A crucial element in adobe style buildings is the canale for water diversion from flat roofs, which here seems to be pointing to the clouds.

A red awning add-on to a plaster wall gives it a real kick.

The possibilities are endless for how walls come together and frame other elements, such as the Russian olive in the photograph here.


Finally, plaster with shadows act as a backdrop for a copper water dish.

Great to hear from Lucia, Terry T., Jean and Sam, Barbara F. R., Steve, Lisa, Wayne, TTT, and Ingrid this week!  I hope the last week in August offers much hope, inspiration, and rain for parts of the world in need.

until next Monday,


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Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
I love these kinds of pics.
I could, and have, taken many like this.
And also hundreds of building angles and skies of NYC.

Nice job.
Beautiful! Loved the one with the moon.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
I have great affection to walls and sky, too. They never fail to captivate. The red awning makes that image an abstract that's all abut design. The way the sunlit wall and wall in shadow frame the Russian Olive is really effective. The pearlescent sky with the canale in silhouette is classic New Mexico. And finally the adobe wall and copper water dish pair beautifully.
We love your pictures. Keep making amazing photos.
Love the one with the red! Great abstractions!
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