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January 02, 2022  •  6 Comments

Today is the third page of the opening chapter of 2022.  Although the snow tragically came a day too late for many residents of Louisville and Superior, Coloraodo, New Mexico was gifted rain and snow to close out the year.  That is worth celebrating.  It has been far too long since there was decent moisture in much of the state.  Following shoveling and sweeping, there is always photography.  As is frequently the case, in the aftermath of a storm, bright sunshine and blue skies prevail.


The patterns and layers created by snowflakes crashing into and plastering stucco walls never ceases to fascinate me.


The same is true of the way it coats aspen trunks.


Fingers of ice create still life.


Water falling from canales creates baubles and bubbles on anything it encounters in temperatures like the 7° low this morning.


Even at the end of the day, dregs from the canale remain firmly attached to the tree like an ice sculpture.


Happy Birthday to all the January babies - Elizabeth H., Anne O'K, Larry J.  Mary P. K., Orlando T., Richard S., Karen L., and Connie T., and anniversary wishes to Jim and Louise.  And many thanks to all of you who added comments to the closing blog of 2021 including Victoria, Barbara F. R., Jean & Sam, TTT, Ingrid, Wayne, Ann A., Phyllis M., Jim and Louise, Steve, Donna C., Christina, Lisa, Catherine, and Charlie.  

until next Monday,


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Oh the gift of ice and snow and your photos of both!
Dianne James(non-registered)
Daryl, no matter what your subject is, I notice an elegance that you see and capture. You have a great sense of the wonder in nature that sets you apart. Regarding moisture from the sky, I can't even remember the last time it rained, here in the San Luis Valley. We did get half an inch of snow in the last few days, but the San Juans and Sangre de Cristos got more, which feeds our aquifer. Usually, by this time we've had at least six to eight inches. We've definitely been in a drought, and I'm hoping for more snow. I thank the Lord for any we receive. In literature, snow can represent death. It's actually life, for our closed basin aquifer, the wildlife refuge here, the Great Sand Dunes, the forests, ranchers, and farmers. Your love for the beauty you find around you enriches our lives. Thank you for sharing these beautiful scenes.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You've given us a beautiful tribute to the much needed snow and the frigid temperatures and crystalline skies that follow. The days are fresh and bright, and we hope that brighter days will prevail in 2022. The flare of the sun through the bare trees is a winter classic. The snow clings to the plaster wall forming abstract patterns and the ice coats everything in sight. And the last of the ice from the canale has indeed formed a delicate sculpture.

Thanks for your welcome to winter edition.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
A covering of nice white snow makes everything look so fresh, clean and calm.
Makes for a renewal of faith and hope that this year be a good one.
Sara Woodburn(non-registered)
Happy new year with snow and rain!
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