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October 16, 2022  •  2 Comments

Nature provides the most enticing backdrops, and among some of them are autumn leaves.  The ash tree leaves are turning yellow at a very fast pace, and following the recent wind and rain, they are almost all on the ground.  You have seen odd pairings of objects and backdrops in my blogs before, so it is not terribly surprising that my mind went to a beautiful yellow onion.  Onion skins have a luster that is enhanced by any number of colors and textures.  I took the single and ever-so-humble onion with me on a search of ash tree leaves this weekend, in relatively low light and also broken shade.  Below are the results.

Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 4Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 4

Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 3Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 3

I have always liked the way the head of the onion or greens look when they are cut off and the end dries.  Without having a functioning auto-focus, it was a bit of a challenge to hold the onion in my hand and have it adequately focus.  But what would still-life photography be without a challenge?

Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 2Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 2

It is also interesting to see a black and white image of almost anything wherein the tones and light are the major features rather than the color.

Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 1Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 1

But the bright green of the parsley nest pairs with the onion skin to make it pop.

Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 5Autumn 2022 - onion and leaves 5


Many thanks to Christina, Lisa, TTT, Steve, Catherine, BFR, Elida, Char, and Lawrence for your comments this week.  Since there is plenty of fall color in the lower elevations of the mountain areas and the river valleys of the west, I hope you are able to get out and enjoy it, with or without cameras or smart phones in hand!

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
You are a master of backgrounds. The dry leaves are perfect for the lowly onion in color as well as black and white. The black and white's luminosity, glow if you will, and highlights are extraordinary. You're absolutely right that the onion pops more against the parsley. Once again, I wouldn't have thought of that. And I love the torn onion skin in black and white. It's the difference maker. The single silvery leaf bottom left picks up the highlights of the onion. That one's a classic.
you make it look simple to point and shoot and catch the Autumn magic, but it ain't easy. kudos to the humble onion showing off its simplicity against a variety of colors and textures.
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