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October 23, 2022  •  8 Comments

Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 3Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 3

A friend steered me in the direction of part of the Rail Trail in Santa Fe this week, where he frequently bicycles, taking in a variety of views of the city.  Between Siringo Road and St. Michael's Drive along the trail is a work in progress.  Not a painted mural but one that is being lovingly made of mosaic tiles, along with other ceramic elements, including clay birds created by 5th grade students at Aspen Magnet School, and studded with gears, sprockets, and other bicycle parts supplied by Mellow Velo.  The mosaic is the brain child of mosaic artist Julie Deery, (shown in the image above) and it is a community project in every sense of the word.  Volunteers of all ages are encouraged to participate in the project, and with roughly forty linear feet of wall to cover, the more the merrier.  Titled "Generations", it already is a fascinating splash of texture and color.  

Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 1Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 1

Two panels of concrete block wall are now covered, with mountains of expressions below and the sky above filled with mandalas.

Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 12Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 12   

Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 10Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 10

Under the direction of Deery, mosaics and other elements are applied in grout.  

Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 14Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 14

Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 11Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 11

Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 22Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 22

Pulling back from the current part of the mural, one can see what passengers will be able to see from the Rail Runner train. 

Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 6Santa Fe Rail Trail mural 2022 6

If you are interested in volunteering or know of youth organizations or schools, or other organizations including bicycle groups who would like to participate or contribute, email Julie Deery at [email protected].  Check out her website at artsong.equalarea.com.  My plan is to continue photographing this community art project as it progresses.  Work will pause after the first frost but begin again in the spring.

Thanks to all of you who wrote this week, including Barbara F. R., TTT, Catherine, Steve, and Christina, and to Robert for keeping his eyes peeled!

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Its beautiful. What a great addition to the trail!!
Dianne James(non-registered)
Wow, Daryl! This is so beautiful. Great photos of this complex art. Love it.
Love the project and how you captured it!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
First off, that's a great cover shot of the tracks. And second congratulations on such a worthwhile subject. I especially like the sprockets among the mosaics. It's a marriage made in heaven. Thanks to Yellow Velo for their contribution. That's a wonderful portrait of Julie Deery. It's filled with joy and good humor. The coyote fence behind the block wall tells us this is New Mexico.

Were you walking the trail, and discovered the wall or did you seek the project out because you had heard about it? It's going to be a compelling series.
Paule Marx(non-registered)
That's wonderful! A great project, thank you.
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