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December 25, 2022  •  6 Comments

The sun is streaming through the window onto my hands as I write on this Christmas morning.  A rotation of seasonal music is playing, including that of pianist George Winston, the Chieftains, and the soundtrack of A Charlie Brown Christmas, written and performed by renowned jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi, along with Fred Marshal and Monty Ludwig on double bass, and Jerry Granelli and Colin Bailey on drums.  A combination of music that makes me smile and brings tears of joy to my eyes.  It is perfect.

Last night after dark, we walked around the neighborhood since we had been told many people were putting up farolitos.  The farolito is so simple and magical.  All it takes is a paper bag, the likes of which some of us carried to school filled with our lunches.  Make a nice cuff on the top of the bag to give it structure.  Pour enough sand or dirt to weigh down the bag and keep it from blowing in the wind (about one-quarter to one-third of the bag).  Place a votive candle on the sand.  That is it.  The gentle curve of a wall or linear character of a city sidewalk are only enhanced by the little fires.


Wall projections complement the farolitos in the next two images.


The outline of a patio wall draped with traditional lights cuts to the night sky.

Blue lights lend a mystical look to the stucco and stair rail.

I hope you are able to bask in the lights of the season as we move into 2023 next week!


Thanks to Barbara F.R., Steve, TTT, Ann A., Catherine, Carol, and Pater for your comments this week.  And a very Happy Birthday to Ben! 


until next Monday,


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Sara Woodburn(non-registered)
As always, thank for the lovely shots of Santa Fe through your eyes. It brings back great memories of our years there.
You really caught the magic of this season with your take on Farolitos. I remember filling 500 white paper bags with sand and candles for our daughter's wedding to outline pathways and patios. They also were very beautiful.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for the farolitos, Daryl. Nothing says New Mexico Christmas better. And your set of farolito photographs says Feliz Navidad perfectly. Thanks for the instructions, too. The contrast with the nearly black backgrounds warms the glow of the farolitos to perfection. The patterns of the lights in images one and two bring great energy to the series. And the blue lights create an entirely different and ethereal aura.

We hope you had a warm and wonderful Christmas. Have the best New Year ever.

Steve and Peggy
very nice santa fe view
Thanks for this - love to spot those mystical bags of light this time of year - a very rare sight here in the CA valley. Enjoyed these photos so much.
Happy New Year 2023
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