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April 03, 2022  •  2 Comments

Suddenly, it is April, and seemingly, just as suddenly, many things have evolved from sticks to green or colorful buds and flowers.  All of you know I frequently photograph blooms in various stages, and part of that process is finding creative ways of seeing and making images of them.  I intentionally planted lots of daffodil bulbs two years ago to bring color and joy to our outdoor, publicly-seen spaces.  Over 100 of them, in actuality.  I chose five different types with size, color, and bloom times in mind, to keep things lively over a month or so.  An early morning shower on the first day I shot dotted the cups and petals with rain drops.

Daffodils 2022 3Daffodils 2022 3    

Daffodils 2022 1Daffodils 2022 1


This particular variety named "Ice Follies" comes complete with a bright yellow cup and white petals.

Daffodils 2022 2Daffodils 2022 2


As is sometimes the case, the back with its sheath from which the daffodil emerges, is just an interesting as the front of the flower itself.

Daffodils 2022 4Daffodils 2022 4

The sheath also makes an interesting part of a  black and white study.

Daffodils 2022 6Daffodils 2022 6


A flower shoot is incomplete for me until I get down and dirty to get the intimate details.  I looked like a turtle that ended up on its back while photographing these.

Daffodils 2022 5Daffodils 2022 5

Dianne, Lisa, Ingrid, Debbie S., Steve, Catherine, Barbara F. R., Wayne, and Victoria were kind enough to comment this week.

My thanks for all of you! 

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Timing the daffodils. Now I've heard everything. And 100 bulbs, that's pretty amazing. Raindrops on the flowers scream fresh, don't they? You have developed an identifiable style with your florals over the years. Perfect backdrops, shallow depth of field to bring the subject forward and always ideal light. Down and dirty does the trick. Is it just me or do the raindrops really pop more in black and white? I agree that the backside of the flower can be as interesting as the front. That could be said about many subjects.
Jim Watkins(non-registered)
A welcome breath of spring.
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