on the rocks

March 28, 2022  •  3 Comments

The days of "near spring" weather continue here in the southern Rocky Mountains.  Last week, a wet, soaking snow fell, providing much needed moisture to the earth and to the bulbs, shrubs, and trees that will soon be in bloom.  But there is nothing like seeing the bright and bold during the waiting period.  We are lucky to have access to flowers literally from around the globe, introducing brilliance to both interior spaces and exterior landscapes.  As always, my search for a variety of backdrops continues, so the roses here ended up "on the rocks".


Although rocks like these don't hold the color that roses do, they complement the different colors of roses below in fascinating ways. 




Thanks to Dianne, Donna C., Jean & Sam, Barbara F. R., Victoria, TTT, Connie, Ann A., Steve, Bill & Sue, Wayne, and Diane for kind comments this week, and to Ingrid and Robert for providing the inspiration!

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You really do the roses honor with the wonderful , creative photos
Dianne James(non-registered)
I love the stone backdrop for the roses! Roses: so elegant and soft & the stones, textural and substantial against the roses. The colors are so beautiful. I only have two rose bushes, so far, one a rugosa and the one I planted last year (and it bloomed!) a Joseph's coat. I think you'd like the colors of the Joseph's coat, Daryl. Up in the foothills west of my house, there's Rock Creek and wild roses grow prolifically along the creek. The Rugosa roses are pretty tough. I found that they draw this beautiful white spider, and when I go to remove the spent roses on the bush, to keep the blooms coming, I watch the spiders drop down on a long web and hide from me (which is just fine with me, lol). You choose such great subjects and backdrops for your beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You have such a way with flowers, Daryl. And the rocks are a perfect backdrop for them. Each flower in the bouquet mimics the round and oval rocks. The first single bloom and stem is masterfully placed with stem leading us into the subject. The nearly white stone frames the pale rose beautifully, better I think than a darker one. And finally, the petals in the last photograph mesh with stones below them.

Happy Spring to you and Fred.
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