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June 26, 2022  •  6 Comments

It has been a miraculously rainy week in northern New Mexico, which, for the most part, has helped firefighters working on the two biggest wildfires in our state's history.  During the monsoon season, rain can be a mixed blessing as it pertains to forest fires.  There is always the risk of flooding in the burn scar areas, and the soil can become saturated and muddy.  That is not what firefighters need.  But rain is almost always welcome in the American Southwest.  I reveled in it this week, and took the opportunity to photograph hollyhocks wearing raindrops.  Instead of photographing the inside of the flowers, the undersides was where the drops were more prevalent.   

hollyhock raindrops 1 2022hollyhock raindrops 1 2022  

hollyhock raindrops 2 2022hollyhock raindrops 2 2022

hollyhock raindrops 3 2022hollyhock raindrops 3 2022

With every flower, there is an opportunity for an abstract or still life, and the two below fall into that category.

hollyhock raindrops 5 2022hollyhock raindrops 5 2022

hollyhock raindrops 4 2022hollyhock raindrops 4 2022

Finally, a hollyhock, as if leaning against the stucco, resting, full of raindrop joy.

hollyhock raindrops 6 2022hollyhock raindrops 6 2022


Thanks to Christina, Claudia, Jean & Sam, Steve, Catherine, Ingrid, and Wayne for your kind words about last week's blog.  


A quote from photographer Ansel Adams tops off this week's blog.

"Life is your art.  An open, aware heart is your camera.  A oneness with your world is your film."

Thanks for sending the Adams' wisdom, Victoria!

until next Monday, 


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Lawrence Jones(non-registered)
Everybody loves the abstract images and you can put my name on that list of admirers. The 4th image is so pretty and made me smile when I first saw it.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Hollyhocks and raindrops are made for each other as you've made clear in this wonderful set of images. The rain has been a tonic in this drought. The Calf Canyon and Hermit's Peak fires are now 92% contained thanks the valiant firefighters and steady rains. The end of this conflagration is in sight. 341,000 acres have burned as of yesterday. The scale is hard to fathom.

It's hard to pick favorites since they're all so strong. But forced to choose I'd go with image four that looks like a fan with veins and big drops, image five of the tips of the petals with the big drops and finally the hollyhock resting on the stucco wall.
Rain is even more delicious looking when to take photos with them!
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
I love hollyhocks.
Very nice pics, especially the abstract shots.
Great to get the rain.
We got some rain in Scottsdale last night. All the bushes and flowers are happy.
TP Lue(non-registered)
Beautiful, I love your hollyhocks wearing rain drops! Beautiful color.
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