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August 01, 2022  •  3 Comments

There is a reason (many, actually) that businesses and organizations as well as families, hire "event planners".  To coordinate any party, wedding, or other event, and pull it off seamlessly, takes certain skills.  In last week's blog, you read about and viewed a few of the photographs from the Aufleger family reunion near Taos.  It was dedicated to the patriarch, Gaylord, who passed away in 2019.  The coordination of it, and presentation of his belongings in addition to the altar were put together by one of the daughters, Cindy.  She is an artist in her own right and there was both joy and organization in the 2022 gathering.  She was the one who called me originally in 2013 to photograph the first event, contacted me in 2015 for their next party, and for this year's reunion as well.  

As I have said before, photographing weddings and other events requires the basics, i. e., viewing the venue to see what areas might provide the best shooting possibilities given time of year, light, etc., charging all batteries, and having cameras and other equipment, if any, ready. But one should also select clothes that are comfortable but appropriate given that you might be on the ground, climbing on furniture or dealing with animals.  Check out this totally spontaneous image, grabbed when Arlo joined in the fun.

Photographs during events run the gamut from spontaneous... formal or more purposeful... requests from attendees or organizers.  In this case, Marilyn, the family matriarch, wanted photographs with the grandchildren, including the one shown below.

One of the couples was looking for a Christmas card image.  I spent some time with them to find different possibilities.


And generally, a random opportunity for some quick modeling presents itself.  Possible web page materials?

Generations apart with shared gifts


Thanks again to the Auflegers for offering the opportunities to photograph them over the years.

My appreciation to those of you who commented last week, including Sue G., Victoria, Kay, Lisa, Jean & Sam, Diane D., Ann A.,  Dianne J., Barbara, and Steve.

Same time, different blog next Monday??

until next Monday,


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Could I please just pack you up in my suitcase and take you with me to our mini family reunion in Berlin? I would love to have you do a photo shoot with my relatives!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You captured a loving family, well, lovingly. It's clear that after two previous sessions with the Aufleger clan that you've made a real connection. My favorites are the seemingly unposed or candid shots like the canine interloper in your first image. That's where the real smiles shine through. I also like the ones where your subjects are engaged with each other like the interactions in images two and three. The couple in images six through eight are mighty photogenic and like the camera. Wonderful lighting throughout as always.

These and others will make a great book.
filming Sweet faces is your gift.
(if shots are used for xmas cards or websites of a family member?? do you get paid extra for extra-event usage)
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