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September 11, 2022  •  2 Comments

It is in the air.  The feel, the slight morning chill, the light.  Life is working its way into autumn in the northern hemisphere.  And it is harvest time.  The photographic possibilities are nearly endless in both subject matter and joy.  Included in today's blog are a few photographs I made in a number of places, beginning with the peppers in a Budapest, Hungary market.

Onions and garlic at a Vienna, Austria market

onions at Farmers' Market in Vienna, Austriaonions at Farmers' Market in Vienna, Austria

This very odd, texturally and vibrant fruit is a dragon fruit or Pitaya.  A new world member of the Cactataceae family, it originated in southern Mexico and Central America, but is now grown and cultivated world-wide.  I photographed it in the Vienna Farmers' Market at about this time of year.    

Home grown in Taos County a number of years ago.  The best tomato crop we ever had.

tomato croptomato crop

Assorted miniature squash and pumpkins from a friend's garden with a backdrop of Navajo-churro wool

Harvest set up 1Harvest set up 1


The Santa Fe Farmers' Market is also loaded with wonderful eye-popping veggies and fruit, including this bok choy. 

Farmers' Market bok choiFarmers' Market bok choi


Also from the Santa Fe Farmers' Market are these purple radishes, the Jarrahdale squash, and the New Mexico chiles shown below in succession.


I was delighted to hear from so many of you this week about fathers and grandfathers, brothers, and spouses who belonged to unions or still do, or who were union organizers.  Thanks to Connie, Earle, Catherine, Steve, TTT, Christina, and Jean & Same for your comments and great stories related to last week's Labor Day blog.

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Jon Allry(non-registered)
The best of the harvest is the fruit of the vine and the fig tree. The autumn olive oil will be better than the spring oil. The wine which is pressed from grapes will be richer, sweeter, and more fragrant than that which comes from other kinds of fruit. One of the best thing is to read article before help in essay. The leaves of all trees are for food, except those that do not bear fruit, as herbs and trees whose sap is bitter. All animals other than those that produce milk live on vegetation; but many of them have teeth only to tear their food, while others have claws only to catch it with.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You're in your element with this welcome to fall post. Each still life is carefully displayed and rendered. I may be just me, but I perceive that our European cousins could teach us a lot about growing and displaying the fruits of the seasons. Food there is a way of life. The French Marché du Jour, for example, is a feast of the senses and a part of everyday life. As always you find the ideal backdrop for the fruit or vegetable in hand. The Navajo churro wool was a relevant and perfect vessel for the squash. I never would have thought of that pairing.

A super grouping, Daryl.
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