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November 05, 2023  •  7 Comments

A call from the archivist at the Santa Fe Institute where I photographed scientists from 1995 to 1997 tested my organizational and memory skills this week.  It was excellent to look at the hundreds of photographs I made with film using both 35mm and 1 3/4 x 2 1/4 cameras, developed into negatives, and made into contact sheets and prints was a great exercise. The Institute is celebrating its 40th anniversary next year and a number of books are being updated and republished.  Thus, the need for a few of my photographs.  

In addition to the Santa Fe Institute work and the other books on which I am been spending time curating, designing and writing, I have toyed for some time about using photographs for a black and white/food-themed set of coasters.  People still use coasters.  Whereas many have turned in their mouse pads and are using the trackpad/touchpad on their laptops, coasters are still part of the home dining and coffee tables.  I was also thinking in terms of food and beverages as part of the set.  Included in today's blog are some of the many possibilities.  The first is a beautifully cast door handle on the Bamberg Backerei in Bamberg, Germany.


A shop with numerous goodies in Bratislava, Slovakia

A New Mexico-made tart being served.

Ingrid's birthday tart 27 March 2022Ingrid's birthday tart 27 March 2022

Fancy dancing shoes deftly sculpted of marzipan in a Vienna shop.

Demel Eiscreme in Vienna

Glowing onions

A touch of vin rouge...


...with a touch of brie in Vienna

Just another sampling of the lovely randomness in a photographer's life. 

It was good to hear from so many of you last week including Barbara F. R., Tim A., Ann A., Lawrence J., TTT, Marilyn G. Steve, Catherine, Rebecca, and Carol.

I hope that the upcoming week contains some creative and interesting photographic adventures!

until next Monday,


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Pater Hundley(non-registered)
The softened tones of black and white are lovely.
Love those photos, especially the one with the tart. I believe most would lend themselves to beautiful coasters.
B&W, nice change of pace, along with a trip to Europe. Made me hungry too.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for the dose of monochrome. Black and white lends itself to still lifes and makes us concentrate on the design of the image. I think the forms are riveting in his spread and, of course, the monochrome has a timeless quality and several of these images feel like they're from another era. The marzipan shoes are playful and exotic. The door handle from Bamberg and the playful characters in Bratislava are super subjects for black and white. In fact, you've chosen subjects that seem like they're from another time. They feel pre-war or from the forties to me.
Nice crisp photos - B&W really lends itself to details. It also eliminates any color we don't wish for: My recent photos include one of a bright orange VW Westy, my fav, but not the color. I printed it in B&W instead and love it. Good for you, continuing and revising your project spanning 30 years.
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