not letting go just yet

November 12, 2023  •  3 Comments

After a week with a taste of winter, our part of the world has been given a reprieve, and stunning autumn days have returned.  Mind you, the .05/inch of moisture that fell in the form of snow was not quite enough to deeply dampen the land, but it did give the plants and trees that still have leaves some much deserved moisture.  Thankfully, autumn is not letting go, nor are some of the leaves on an assortment of trees and bushes, the names of many I do not know, but the colors and designs by nature in the leaves are quite incredible.  This blog is image heavy and I will leave them for you to ponder and describe in your minds as you see fit.  Many of the images below are from assorted flowering fruit trees. 

autumn leaves 2023 4autumn leaves 2023 4

autumn leaves 2023 5autumn leaves 2023 5

autumn leaves 2023 1autumn leaves 2023 1

autumn leaves 2023 3autumn leaves 2023 3

autumn leaves 2023 2autumn leaves 2023 2

autumn leaves 2023 6autumn leaves 2023 6

autumn leaves 2023 7autumn leaves 2023 7

autumn leaves 2023 8autumn leaves 2023 8

As you can see, nature is doing some truly weird and wonderful watercolor work on the trees.  Happy as a clam I am!


Thanks to all of you who commented this week, including Minna, Barbara F. R., Victoria, Dianne J., Jean and Sam, Terry T., Marilyn G., TTT, Steve, Pater Ingrid, and Rebecca.  With luck, all of you will be able to get out this week and enjoy the season, especially with your cameras and phones in hand!

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
First off, your cover image is amazing. The lavender and orange are meant for each other. Image #1 is very abstract and all about shapes. I love the splotches of red in image #2. The green at the edge of several leaves feels like summer is trying to hang on as winter knocks on the door. Image #6 masquerades as a feather. The drooping leaves in image #7 say winter is around the corner. And the translucent last leaf does seem like it's been brushed with paint.

This is a super grouping, Daryl.
Joyful color extravaganza
Ann Alexander(non-registered)
This is a beautiful reminder that we all have the loveliness of the changing season to devour in our own yards.
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