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November 26, 2023  •  5 Comments

Many people worldwide celebrated the holiday of Thanksgiving on Thursday, and, no doubt, in a variety of ways.  Most probably involved food, friends, and family.  Even if the groaning board did not contain turkey and dressing, there was likely an assortment of leftovers.  How lovely they are!  Due to the fact that I see the world in terms of capturing it with a camera, I frequently discover something that needs to be photographed. Whether it is a surprise or intentional, capturing the special food offered in thanks was an agenda item last week.


I noticed the refraction of light caused by sun coming through a partially filled glass of claret, after only crumbs of chicken and dressing remained in the dish.  

Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 1Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 1

Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 2Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 2



My father once told me that his mother made pumpkin pie using carrots rather than pumpkin while his family was living in Canada raising wheat.  It makes sense.  Same color and texture after they are cooked and pureed.  And the traditional spices would probably make it impossible to tell the difference.  The pie slice in both photographs below was made with pumpkin puree poured into a homemade crust and baked.  Two different angles, with slightly altered natural light.

Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 4Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 4

Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 5Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 5



And last but not least, a gifted slice of pecan tart, as only the queen of these delicious desserts, Ingrid, can make it.  Layers of lusciousness!

Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 7Thanksgiving leftovers 2023 7

Thanks to Marilyn R., Barbara F. R., Kay C., Jean & Sam, Catherine, TTT, Lawrence, and Steve for commenting during this busy holiday week.

My hope is that everyone reading had the opportunity to celebrate, one way or another.

until next Monday,


a passion for the image©


Love the photo presentations, and love the comments, too. Happy Giving Thanks the rest of the year xo
Wonderful leftovers. The best, we don't have to cook that day. Thanks for featuring my leftovers
Connie Taylor(non-registered)
You do refraction so well. How about revisiting your refraction file. It pleases me to see unique, unexpected display of bent light. Baby rainbows at the Thanksgiving table.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Claret, indeed. I haven't seen that name for a Bordeaux blend in decades. It makes me think of landed gentry in Victorian England. The refractions of light from the claret along with the cast shadow were terrific subjects. I'm glad you grabbed that bit of serendipity. Your appetizing dessert still lifes make me hungry for a second breakfast or early lunch. That pecan tart is mouthwatering.

We hope you and Fred had a spectacular Thanksgiving. Since we had a decidedly non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner with friends, Peggy's cooking up a true Thanksgiving dinner today. She has to have turkey and all the trimmings.
Claret? ummmm. especially enjoyed your narrative this week. Carrot pie...gonna look for a carrot pudding recipe now.
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