Thanksgiving rush

November 20, 2023  •  3 Comments

You could feel the rush on the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Locals in need of specific goodies for the traditional holidays meals, people with license plates from different states having dazed and confused looks on their faces, and that unidentifiable feel of urgency to get things done.  It was obvious that the Thanksgiving rush was on and what better place to feel it than by driving in downtown Santa Fe.  

The Farmers' Market was packed with vendors both inside the Market pavilion and outside under pop-up tents.  And even at 9 a.m., many folks were already busy buying, eating, laughing, and talking in a boisterous and festive way.  I joined in the fray because I was on a mission to purchase dried Chimayo red chile powder, cream cheese, and honey from a local vendor.

But the route to achieve the mission is hardly ever a direct one.  In the outside booths, I found the chile, and numerous intricately crafted wreaths and ristras. If you have ever tried to construct these beauties, you have a pretty good idea how much work is involved.

Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 1Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 1

Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 2Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 2

Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 3Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 3



Entering the Market building, I spotted the Camino de Paz School and Farm table.  Located in Santa Cruz, the students and teachers make THE best cream cheese on the planet, as well as several varieties of "quark".  The chile powder is a Chimayo seed variety grown by Jesus Guzman and his partner, Kate, who gave good advice on the heat of each kind.

Farmers Market Santa Fe 2023 6Farmers Market Santa Fe 2023 6


Feeling pretty good about scoring two out of three items in a relatively short period of time, I had to stop and chat with the owners of CLC Pecans in Hobbs, who happen to be neighbors, and were reveling in the birth of their first grand child.  Walking a bit further, I found Steve at Buckin' Bee Honey and Candles. His table was attracting a lot of attention, so it would have been rude to strike up a conversation.  Just asked him if I could take some photographs and he kindly agreed.

Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 5Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 5

Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 4Farmers' Market, Santa Fe 2023 4  

 Another neighbor, Gustavo, raved about how perfect Steve's honey was on bread with butter, so I had to try it.  I also promised him a loaf when I bake next time.    


Thanks to Barbara F. R., Christina, Minna, Lluvia, Jean & Sam, Catherine, Ann A., TTT, and Steve for commenting this week and to all of you for reading throughout the year.  I am grateful and thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for the colorful journey through the Santa Fe Farmers Market. You've reminded us to visit soon. It's been years. I'm especially taken by the "busy buying season, eating, laughing, and talking in a boisterous and festive way." The people watching is the highlight of a good farmers market and Santa Fe's is one of the best. It's a street photographer's playground. As to the cream cheese from Camino de Paz try it with Steve's Buckin' Bee honey on a slice of toast or English muffin. Almost heaven.

It's cool that you know some of the vendors well enough to tell their stories.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving you two.
Lawrence Jones(non-registered)
Thank you for reminding us how much we enjoyed the SF Farmers Market when we were there. The intense color, the variety of food items for sale and the lovely people one encounters are all part of the market experience.
bread butter and honey? That sounds divine, if only I ate bread
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