gaggles and a flotilla

February 12, 2023  •  4 Comments

As promised last week, today's blog features snow geese at the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, south of Socorro, New Mexico.  While attempting to capture the sandhill cranes to the sound of bursts from multiple cameras, I noticed a band of white almost directly across the water. It was snow geese that we hand seen earlier from a distance.  I suspected they would probably move by the time we drove over to the other side of the north loop.  But there was a large gaggle still there, eating, stretching their wings, dozing, and talking.  If I only knew the language.  It ranged from a steady, friendly din of squawks to outright cacophonous at times. In my sight, they were dazzling.

Bosque - snow geese 1Bosque - snow geese 1

Because there were so many, the geese poured over onto the road, as if waiting for their closeups.  They always seem to be on a mission.

Bosque - snow geese 5Bosque - snow geese 5

Bosque - snow geese 6Bosque - snow geese 6

One of the most fascinating things about birds is their feathers.  They seem absolutely perfect.  The neck feathers look as if they have been braided or woven like a rope.

Water beads on the feathers.

Bosque - snow geese 3Bosque - snow geese 3

Occasionally, they seem to form a flotilla, with most heading in one direction on the water...

Bosque - snow geese 2Bosque - snow geese 2

...and the next minute, they are out on their own.  Ultimately, the group prevails.

Bosque - snow geese 7Bosque - snow geese 7

By the way, many of you wrote during the week to say that wild turkeys are literally running wild in towns all over the United States, from the West Coast to the East coast, and are considered pests.  The same is true for both Canadian and snow geese, demonstrating the sometimes tenuous intersection of humans and nature. 


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Fred Barraza(non-registered)
What a great sight and beautifully captured.
A beautiful collection of photos from the gem which is the Bosque del Apache! We went for my 73rd birthday and it was pretty amazing. Thanks for all your wonderful shots Daryl.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Your photographs of the snow geese are a feast for the eyes, Daryl. You captured a bounty of great images in your short visit to the bosque. Flotilla is an apt description of the gaggle of snow geese swimming in unison. And I'm taken by the "woven" neck feathers and how the water beads on their formfitting cloak. They're gorgeous creatures and you've captured them beautifully.
thanks for sharing these beautiful creatures!
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