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February 20, 2023  •  8 Comments

The past week, photographically, has been spent curating photographs for publications in a variety of media sources.  Negatives, slides, and digital images are all in the mix.  There was a good chunk of time in the late 1970s through roughly 2005 when I was writing and publishing fast and furiously.  After that, my focus was on blogging, entering art festivals in Taos County and nationwide, both physically and electronically, as well as working with a select few publications.  Thanks to two different neighbors and a couple of friends who keep me well-stocked with assorted magazines and books, I decided it was high time for me to return to the publishing world and get my work into broader distribution.  I also felt that given the fact that our beautiful sunny sky for which the great American Southwest is known had reverted to a backdrop more in keeping with Fargo, it was time to bring some brilliance to your computer, tablet, and phone screens.  Across the seasons, here is a selection of New Mexico images, starting with what I call "Yin and Yang" coyotes.  No alteration involved here.  These siblings were keeping warm on a rainy day. 


Claret cup cactus on the Arroyo Hondo trail south of Santa Fe

Rio Grande Gorge



There is hardly anything more iconic in New Mexico than the geology of the Abiquiu area.


Cottonwoods found along rivers and streams in the state are trees for every season. 

The colors of chile are everywhere.

chiles for OCAchiles for OCA

From the old world to the new, flamenco is also part of who we are.... are rodeos around the state.

As the hints of a slight change of season fill the air, I hope you have ample opportunity to enjoy and photograph the world around you!


Thanks to Victoria, Jean and Sam, Ingrid, Christina, Barbara F. R., M. Fred, Catherine, Robert, Carol, and Steve for commenting this week!

until next Monday,


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You clearly hit all my favorite photos. The favorite of the bunch: Yin and Yang Coyote pups.
Brenda Morgan(non-registered)
Splendid! Loved all of those images which touched my heart and made me homesick for the life I loved in New Mexico.
thanks for all the beauty!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Wow! This is a fabulous and wide-ranging set of images. Congratulations in getting back on the publishing bandwagon. The coyote pups are beyond precious and perfectly rendered. The claret cup cactus flowers radiate color from the spines of the cactus. You've caught the gorge in perfect light which is no mean feat. The geology of Abiquiu is perhaps the most iconic of all New Mexico's treasures. The cottonwoods are symbols of northern New Mexico as are the chiles from El Norte to Hatch. Those dancing shoes take me back to our first tango lesson when we met you and Fred. Close to 20 years ago, I think. And, finally, local rodeos are quintessential rural New Mexico and Texas. The cowboy's gesture as he leaves the arena tells an entire story.

Thanks for today's post. It prompts me to get into the field.
Heather Herd(non-registered)
This is a treasure trove Daryl! Thank you for this bright and beautiful reflection of our shared love for New Mexico, at a time when winter is becoming “long in the tooth”. It is a great demonstration of your artistry, as well! And, those coyotes are precious!!
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