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Not that I am intentionally trying to make you hungry, but I spent what seemed to be an inordinate amount of time this week reviewing images, and creating and photographing food.  It is something I enjoy doing, and this time, it was a contest for the Santa Fe Reporter Food and Restaurant edition that got my creative juices going.  When I assembled the photographs (according to the specs, "images are of finely plated restaurant dishes; home-cooked successes; gorgeous ingredients from the garden; or other artful interpretations") and tucked them in a folder on the computer, I was pleased until I discovered the contest entry fee was for each image.  It required that I be a bit more discerning about my choices. The images included in today's blog were some of the "also rans", but each holds its own interest.  

As I have indicated before, when you prepare something for photography but intend to eat said subject, timing is of the essence - both to make the photograph and to eat the dish in a timely fashion.  I had pondered backdrops and locations, using them at a variety of times during the week, with both natural and other lighting, and made lists of which images in what conditions worked and which did not.

Because of the higher temperature and shorter potential window of time that presents itself when making a pizza, (a pesto pizza) I only used two locations. The first was on a pizza stone and table in some nice controlled natural afternoon light.

pesto pizza 1pesto pizza 1

In the second shot, some natural light was filled with LED lights.

pesto pizza 2pesto pizza 2

Below is a shot of green chile enchiladas.

green chile enchiladagreen chile enchilada

Homemade bread using natural light from the south and west

homemade breadhomemade bread

Finally, an image utilizing an iris and chocolates gifted to me some years ago.  My lack of adequate documentation leaves me without the local chocolatier's name.  The designer chocolates could have been from either Chocolate Smith or Kakawa Chocolate House.


Thanks to Paule, TTT, Dianne J., Ann A., Ingrid, Carol, and Robert for your blog feedback this week.  Despite flooding and massive snow in California, spring seems to be bursting there, with blossoms on fruit and ornamental fruit trees bombing every disaster video.  Things are happening here as well, with the first sighting of migrating cedar wax wings visiting the neighborhood this week.  I hope your cameras and binoculars are in hand as the week progresses.

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
What an appetizing array, Daryl. Looks like I'll be eating a second lunch. I have thing for good food photography also, and all of these are mouthwatering. Timing, as you say, is paramount. That's why the food stylist is nearly as important as the photographer. You're doing both beautifully. Pizza is high on my list of favorite foods as I was in the pizza business thrice and this specimen has me drooling. Happily, we have already planned for a woodfired pie and a brew this evening. Those LEDs created more separation between crust and toppings, I think. The final more graphic image of the chocolates is stunning. That among others you posted over the years belongs in a calendar. The iris is a clever touch.

Good luck with the contest. If these are rejects, I know you'll score.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
There's nothing better than natural light, shine on !!!
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