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March 05, 2023  •  5 Comments

Since the 1st of March is the beginning of meteorological spring, and since we saw two honeybees yesterday despite patches of snow here and there, and since the first daffodils are emerging from the ground, it is time to include a splash of spring color in today's blog.  Mind you, there will be many frosts, much wind, and probably (hopefully) more snow on the New Mexico landscape before most plants start to bloom, but some of the beauties included here will make appearances in the next month or so.  

Some of the first flowers to bloom on the mesas are ground huggers, and to capture a good image, photographers need to be equally adept at either sitting or laying on your back to achieve that.  The Easter daisies suddenly seem to appear at one's feet.  Wandering lazily, I sometimes stepped on them before I realized they were there.


Another ground hugger is the Santa Fe phlox, shown below.  In a good year after much snow and rain, it is everywhere, in what seems to be the worst, cracking soil.  

The cacti - including hedgehog and claret cup - throw splashes of brilliant fuchsia, red/orange, and yellow at your feet and in pockets of sandstone.

Very site specific and somewhat picky about where they grow, paintbrush can be real show offs in years with good moisture.

Finally, turning to the mountains just after the snow melts, at elevations between, I am guessing, 8,000-9,000 feet, wild iris are spectacular.  They are great fans of wetness, growing along streams or in somewhat boggy areas.  Huge fields of them cover parts of the Pecos Wilderness as well as areas along Highway 64 between Tres Piedras and Tierra Amarilla.   

Thanks to TTT, Veronica, Barbara F. R., Christina, Brenda, Kay, Pauli, M. Fred, Catherine, Heather H. and Steve for reading and commenting this week!  It is wonderful to hear from each and every one of you!

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Here's to the ground huggers that tell us spring is near. Though more snow is sure to come, and we'll welcome it with open arms. You have an amazing array of hardy specimens here, Daryl. These plants come in a dizzying variety of colors and shapes as you've shown here. The Easter daises may be most symbolic of the coming season while the tunas of the cacti say New Mexico. The paintbrush against the gnarly branches is killer. You've prompted me to head for US 64 for some snow and perhaps some harbingers of spring.
Ann Alexander(non-registered)
You make me believe that spring is going to come! Oh happy day.
Dianne James(non-registered)
Once, again, I am bowled over by your photography. These images make me want warm weather to arrive, quickly. Such beauty! Thank you, Daryl, for your wonderful writing and splendid photos. Have a wonderful week.
Love you, my friend.
Super joyful eye candy to start the week. Thank you
How lovely to see such color! Thank you
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