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April 23, 2023  •  2 Comments

The buds are everywhere and in abundance.  It is spring, which in New Mexico also means that either the wind or a late frost may diminish their beauty.  I figured with both of those things forecast this week, I needed to get out and shoot as much as I could.  For the past week, the blossoms have beckoned.  Today's blog is heavy with buds from bulbs and flowering fruit trees alike.

First featured are assorted flowering plum tree blossoms that have been in bloom for several weeks.  It was during one of my first shoots of those trees I realized that the buds were equally perfect subjects.  Here is an image of buds and blossoms providing color rather than focus and form. That is left to the branch shadows on a stucco wall generating a bit of an abstraction.

Flowers - flowering plum and shadows 1Flowers - flowering plum and shadows 1

Below is a single flowering plum tree bud.  It is why I pursued buds this week and why it was well worth the time.

Flowers - flowering plum bud 2023 1Flowers - flowering plum bud 2023 1

Here is another flowering fruit tree bud.  I have no idea what type of tree it graces, but am guessing it could be a crabapple.

Flowers - flowering fruit tree bud 2023 1Flowers - flowering fruit tree bud 2023 1  

The buds here that are beginning to open are actually on the same tree as the bud featured in the previous photograph.

Flowers - flowering fruit tree bud 2023 2Flowers - flowering fruit tree bud 2023 2

Pulling away from the closeups gives an entirely different  perspective.

Flowers - flowering fruit tree bud 2023 4Flowers - flowering fruit tree bud 2023 4


The tulip buds I photographed took their time in opening.  Here is what I would call phase 2, when the color begins to appear.

Flowers - tulip bud 2023 2Flowers - tulip bud 2023 2


The bud here is poised to open.  In addition to the flower, I liked the waves created by the tulip leaves at the base.

Flowers - tulip bud 2023 4Flowers - tulip bud 2023 4

It opens.

Flowers - tulip bud 2023 5Flowers - tulip bud 2023 5


It was terrific to hear from so many of you last week, including Barbara F. R., Sandra B., Bill P., Lisa S., Jean & Sam, Ann A., Steve, Catherine, M. Fred, and Ingrid!  With luck, you will make some wonderful discoveries when you are out and about this week.

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
You are the early bird this week, Daryl. I agree with Terry, that first image with the applied blur grabbed me immediately. You often use selective focus or shallow depth of field to great effect, but this experiment blazes a new and, I think, promising trail. I'd like to see more in this vein. Muy abstract and could see it very big. There's a fabric-like texture to the buds, linen perhaps, that I really like. It's particularly evident in buds six and seven, the tighter shots. I like seeing the buds as they develop color and begin the open.

I really enjoyed this set. Happy Spring to you and Fred.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
There is something about that first photo that I find VERY intriguing. I think it would make a very good wall print. It really grabbed me.
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