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April 16, 2023  •  5 Comments

Spring really burst forth in this part of the Southwest last week, and with it, many more blooms of assorted types.  So in addition to photographing weaving details, I spent a good bit of time in the garden exploring assorted daffodils and flowering fruit trees.  In addition to the flowers, it occurred to me that buds are very nearly as beautiful themselves.  Those will be included in a future blog.  But today, it is all about the daffodil cup or corona.


The daffodil "Ice Follies" was featured in last week's blog, but the way light and shadow enveloped the ruffled cup shown here, made it a feature this week.

Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 8Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 8  


The same is true for this King Alfred daffodil.  The structure of the cup looks so sturdy that it seems to be able to hold almost anything.

Flowers - daffodils - King Alfred 2023 1Flowers - daffodils - King Alfred 2023 1


On the other hand, the Thalia daffodil shown below has petals and a cup that, in proportion, seem much longer and more delicate. 

Flowers - daffodils - Thalia 2023 2Flowers - daffodils - Thalia 2023 2

The stamens look like a starfish contained within the cup.

Flowers - daffodils - Thalia 2023 1Flowers - daffodils - Thalia 2023 1


Finally, the Tazetta daffodil or minnow, has very diminutive flowers, measuring one inch or 2.54 centimeters.  It was on-the-ground photography for this one. 

Flowers - daffodils - Tazetta 2023 2Flowers - daffodils - Tazetta 2023 2

Thanks to Christina, Barbara F. R., Lisa S., Ingrid, Catherine, Marilyn G., Steve, Lawrence, and Susie for commenting on last week's blog.  Yours words in addition to the flowers, are a breath of spring!

I hope you and your cameras will be out and about this week, discovering the evolution of life!

until next Monday,


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The Ice Follies photo makes the daffodil look beautiful enough to go to Cinderella's ballroom dance
Fred Barraza(non-registered)
Beautifully captured. Pretty and fantastic.
Steve Imme(non-registered)
Who knew there were so many varieties of daffodils? The colors seem more brilliant this week. I'm taken by the fluffy ruffles of Ice Follies daffodil. And I love the more abstract King Alfred especially the dewdrops. Without the dew. it wouldn't be the same. The photograph is beautifully designed. The petals and cup of the Thalia are certainly longer and more delicate and the crenellations are more pronounced. And the more colorful stamens of the Tazetta daffodil are very Easter-like.

They're all lovely and prove that spring is upon us. Mid-seventies in ABQ yesterday so my jacket stayed in the car. I didn't miss it at all.
Ann Alexander(non-registered)
Thanks, Daryl, for "forcing" me to get eyeball to eyeball and SEE these beautiful creations.
Sandra Bray(non-registered)
Thank you Daryl. It is 10am and I have been wringing my brain for two hours writing. letter to a Councillor. The image in your email did its job. It brought me to a halt, and gave me a few moments respite. I am thankful!
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