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April 09, 2023  •  4 Comments

After fits and starts from nature, we are having some true spring days in the southern Rocky Mountains.  To celebrate, today's blog is a nod to the season from the flower world, specifically daffodils.  Although some forsythia bushes are beginning to bloom in the city, there are few plants or trees blooming right now, particularly since a late frost claimed many of the early apricot buds and flowers.  So the harbingers and sure signs of spring happen to be the daffodils in our garden.

Two varieties are included in today's blog.  The Ice Follies bulbs produce a medium-sized flower with white petals and a yellow cup.  Here is a group I photographed in bright, late afternoon light.

Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 1Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 1

The photographs that follow were made between 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning, when available light was bright but softer in feel.

Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 6Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 6

The cups are filled with pollen, a veritable flow of it.

Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 4Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 4

There is mystery produced by the shadow and light in the two images below.

Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 2Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 2

Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 3Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 3

Every single part of the cup is apparent in this image.

Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 5Flowers - daffodils - Ice Follies 2023 5

A smaller daffodil or narcissus bulb carrying the name Tete a Tete, produces flowers with a combination of yellow petals and orange cups.  This one is nodding until the warmth of the sun helps it unfurl. 

Flowers - daffodils - Tete a Tete 2023Flowers - daffodils - Tete a Tete 2023

Thanks to Ross, Ingrid, Barbara F. R., Steve, Catherine, and Charleen for commenting this week.  Happy Trails to Cristina, and Robert as they return home from their travels.  And may all you photographers who are reading this find more than ample subject matter to photograph as seasons change in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

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Flores muy hermosas!
Lawrence Jones(non-registered)
The daffodils are lovely Daryl. We also are in full-tilt spring mode down this way.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Harbingers of spring for sure, Daryl. Today is the first day when I've felt the season is finally here. And it's most welcome at our house. The colors of the daffodils are as soft as an early spring. I'm especially taken by the "flow of pollen" and "the mystery of shadow and light" as well as the full picture of the bloom in image six. And the nodding Tete a Tete daffodils impress with yellow petals and orange cups. Once again you've used selective depth of field to great advantage. It's another grand set from Casa Black.

Spring blessings to you and Fred.
Nothing says spring like Daffodils. Beautiful frames
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