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March 24, 2024  •  6 Comments

Taking a break from rendering the photographs I had shot of the first daffodil of the season, I walked to the window and, to my surprise, noticed that several apricot trees were in bloom.  It seemed a little early, and although there were flowering fruit trees in bloom at the Santa Fe Railyard Park, I had not seen any in the neighborhood.  That exciting occurrence sent me out the door with camera in hand to capture the first blossoms of the season on the two apricot trees in the neighborhood open space.  The two trees seem very happy and natural, since not much in the way of pruning or maintenance has been done on the branches, leaving them in gnarly glory.  I was ducking inside and out the branches, squatting down and also giving myself as much height as I could to capture the white blossoms and still encased buds.  

apricot blossoms 2 2024apricot blossoms 2 2024

apricot blossoms 1 2024apricot blossoms 1 2024

apricot blossoms 3 2024apricot blossoms 3 2024


Suddenly, flying insects were showing up on the camera monitor.  A closer look indicated that honey bees were already in residence, primed for pollen procurement.  It seemed early for the bees as well, but this was due to my lack of observation.  Oh, they had been here alright.  I just hadn't noticed.  The hairs on these bees appear as if a fine barber had given them a buzz cut on top, while the end of their abdomens are shiny black.  The wings are beautifully delineated, with sections that almost look like stained glass.   

apricot blossoms and bee 3 2024apricot blossoms and bee 3 2024

apricot blossoms and bee 4 2024apricot blossoms and bee 4 2024

apricot blossoms and bee 1 2024apricot blossoms and bee 1 2024

apricot blossoms and bee 2 2024apricot blossoms and bee 2 2024


Thanks to Ingrid, Jean & Sam, Barbara F. R., Cristina W., Lisa S., Pauli, and Steve for checking in and commenting last week.  

With luck, each of you will be able to make some exciting and interesting discoveries while out with your smart phones and cameras this week!

until next Monday,


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Wow, the bee coming closer and closer in view; just beautiful!
Yay bees!
Bees now?? Amazing u caught those tiny buzzing miracles in cold weather soldiering onward. Outstanding. U & those precious winged fertilizers.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
All are lovely with the ones with the bee being my favorites. I'm especially taken by the overhead shots with the bees about the same size as the buds. That macro lens is doing you proud. As is so often the case your use of a shallow depth of field is stellar. Our attention is kept on the center of interest where it belongs. The buds and bees are the stars of the show that's for sure.

It seems like you photograph every day. Do you? I need to get back in that groove..
Sara Woodburn(non-registered)
The full on backside of the bee says it all. Love it!
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