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March 17, 2024  •  3 Comments

Given that St. Patrick's Day celebrations have been going on all weekend, Major League Baseball games begin mid-week in Seoul, South Korea, spring breakers are headed in hordes to warmer and greener parts of the country, and the vernal or spring equinox is Tuesday, 19 March this year, it only seemed appropriate to show some green in this week's blog.  In elevations over 7,000 feet, spring is slower in coming, but bulbs are poking through the soil, despite what photographer extraordinaire Steve Immel eluded to last week, "when hasn't it snowed in March and April?"  Which is, of course, what it did this weekend.  Regardless, it is so interesting to me that the shoots of some bulbs go straight up through the soil and snow, while on others, the foliage that appears unfurls in almost otherworldly ways.  All bulbs look like lumps or mud balls, and yet, after they are placed into the ground, coming up when the time is right, they produce such stunning leaves and flowers.  That is the case with the tulip bulb. Tulip foliage is definitely photogenic.  The whirls and twists and leaves creating bowls give no hint as to the ultimate character of the bloom that awaits.

tulip foliage unfurling 1tulip foliage unfurling 1

tulip foliage unfurling 2tulip foliage unfurling 2

tulip foliage unfurling 5tulip foliage unfurling 5

tulip foliage unfurling4tulip foliage unfurling4

tullip foliage unfurling 3tullip foliage unfurling 3


I hope that however you celebrate spring, your cameras and phones go with you to capture incredible shots - from northern lights in Finland to baseball around the world, and pickleball in Arizona and Mexico!

Thanks to Barbara F. R., Ann A., Jean & Sam, Carol and Larry M., Marilyn G., Debbie S., Lluvia, Victoria, Peggy, Steve, Char, & Brenda for commenting last week!

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for the mention. I doubt that I qualify for the accolade, but I appreciate it. Our forecast of more snow proved accurate, and I predict more in April. There was wet snow east of the Sandias, winds to 50mph in Albuquerque on Saturday and snow will bless Taos Tuesday and Wednesday. So, our two-week false spring was a trickster as we expected.

The tulips were an apt subject for St. Paddy's and as a welcome to spring. The "whirls" of thick leaves are wonderfully abstract and photogenic. They look like succulents though I don't know that they are.

This a worthy early spring set, Daryl. Thanks for it.
Tulips are pretty spectacular alone, but these convoluted leaves take the prize - nice captures xo
What a beautiful whirly Blog Daryl.i really enjoyed it. Thanks
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