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November 17, 2014  •  1 Comment

When you think of rainy places in the United States, Seattle, Portland, New Orleans, the Hawaiian island of Kauai, and the Olympic peninsula come to mind.  But when a German city is named Regensburg, one might have certain expectations.  And continuing along the Danube, we arrived in the rain, which continued most of our day there.  Even in the rain and among a sea of red Viking umbrellas, my sister and I had some most interesting discoveries.

After the morning walking tour, we stopped at the much anticipated AlteWurstkuche, Germany's oldest restaurant, for a Bratwurst on a crusty roll with sauerkraut and a variety of mustards.  It was grilled and delicious, but as we sat down outside at a picnic table, under cover from the rain, we were promptly drummed out.  It took several different staff members to explain to us that we did not order from the menu and the covered space was for people who ordered from the menu.  Who knew we were getting take away?  So we hastily departed and ate our sausage in the rain.  That is what it does in Regensburg.  It rains.  

The city center was spared major damage during World War II, leaving the character of the Bavarian medieval town intact, and offering street views such as the one below.

street, Regensburg, Germanystreet, Regensburg, Germany

The use of an earth tone color palate is not exclusively for residences.  It is also used in the trompe l'oeil facade of the Goliathhaus.

GoliathausGoliathaus Wandering the old section of the city in the afternoon, we came upon two different surprises, the first of which was a young man practicing a tightrope-walking routine for an upcoming weekend festival.  It was still drizzling and the fact that he could stay upright on a wet rope was a testament to his skill.

Tight rope walkerTight rope walker tight rope walkertight rope walker

What we did not expect to see in Bavaria, in Regensburg, was a Majestic Athletic (provider of licensed sports apparel for most American sports franchises) Road Show just off of the town square.  Starbuck's and McDonald's we had seen almost everywhere, but not this.

Majestic Athletic Road Show, Regnsburg, GermanyMajestic Athletic Road Show, Regnsburg, Germany

Hidden in the left hand corner of Bodega is a piece of wall art right up my alley, similar to a New Yorker cartoon.  Unfortunately, my German translation skills are not up to the task, but I will try to get it translated and include it in a future blog. 

Bodega Restaurant, Regensburg, GermanyBodega Restaurant, Regensburg, Germany

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Yet another rich post from your trip. This one drips with atmosphere (pun intended) and really transports me to Regensburg. "Among a sea of red umbrellas" is a lovely turn of phrase. The chance encounter with the tightrope walker illustrates the part that serendipity plays in capturing special moments.
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